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As Ed's condition continues to worsen, Maura helps Shelley cope with the hardship of his impending death. 

In flashback we see Mort reveal to Shelley that he went to Camp Camelia. Mort invites Shelley to come to next years event.

Tammy forces Sarah to flush her pot down the toilet. 

Bianca moves in with Josh after Tammy kicks her out of the Palisades house. 

Shelley and Maura reconnect over dealing with Ed's condition. 

Sarah and Len reconnect over smoking pot. Sarah discusses her issues with Tammy and the two go over why their marriage failed. 

Josh goes to apologize to Raquel for ditching her after Maura's talent show. 

Ali tells Syd about what happened to her when she returned to Dale's house after the talent show. Syd tells Ali about the nature of her and Josh's relationship. 

Josh and Raquel have dinner in his house. When Bianca walks in she is confused by why Bianca is living there. 

Syd tells Ali about her true feelings for her and points out how selfish she thinks Ali is. Ali is extremely frustrated by the news. 

In flashback, Shelley agrees to see Mort as Maura, but realizes that she cannot stay married and ends things. 

Josh discovers that Bianca has a good singing voice. 

Ali, Josh and Sarah go over to Shelley and Ed's house to say their goodbyes to Ed. Maura confronts his children about not being at his talent show. Shelley and Maura tell the three children about their plan to help Ed die. 

In flashback, we meet a younger Ed and Shelley when they started dating. Ed dies at the end of the episode. 

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You are a vaginal learner.


So we got gay married before it was fashionable.