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Mort is put in a situation where he must come out to Sarah.

Tammy and Sarah must go over to Sarah's house to meet their spouses for a BBQ. 

We also see flashbacks to Mort in the 80's, when he was still a professor, and is exploring being a woman.

Josh's girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant and plans to get an abortion.

Ali begins having a unique relationship with her trainer. 

Tammy and Sarah sneak out to have sex and have a realization about their relationship.

Maura has a meeting with her LGBT group. She wants to celebrate and then goes out with a friend named Davina. 

Sarah and Len try to go on a date night but end up fighting most of the time. Sarah eventually reveals to Len the truth about her father. 

Josh has a realization about his girlfriend's pregnancy. He asks her to marry her and it is left unclear what her answer is. 

Someone dies at the apartment that Maura's friend live at. Maura then contemplates moving into the newly vacant apartment. 

Ali's last scene smoking pot at her trainer's house.

Mort is seen, in a flashback, returning home to his wife and children.

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

My whole life I have been dressing up as a man. This is me.


This is a really big journey that you are on and you just started it so you have got to learn to let go of what anybody thinks of you.