Finding a Balance - Transplant
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Dr. Bashir Hamed is remotely administereing medical aid to a friend in Syria.

Dr. June Curtis is carrying on a romantic tryst with the security guard Lou while Dr. Theo Hunter is upset about the kind of family problems that result from being away from home. Dr. Hamed generously offers to cover a shift for Hunter.

Hamed leads an operation that results in failure. Bishop approaches him and tells him that while he's still going to bat for him, his medical transcripts present a liability. As a result, he has to bring his A-game every day.

LeBlanc receives the patient Mr. Monroe is an elderly patient who arrives with his nurse and companion. He's been dieting and he fell off the wagon to eat some cookies and his nurse reported him pale.

Elsewhere, a 13-year-old girl named Jasmine arrived with her foster mother. She iis showing symptoms of a stroke.

Hamed asks Hunter some advice about Jamsine and Hunter later gets upset that he didn't get more information and is acting like a loose cannon.

LeBlanc gets a tip from Curtis about a drunk driver case and deduces that Mr. Monroe was a drunk driver because he had alcohol in his system.

Jasmine's blood sugar is under control. Hunter tells her foster mom she has a genetic disease. Jasmien's foster mom panics and Dr. Hunter can relate.

LeBlanc is torn over whether to turn in Mr. Monroe for drunk driving and consults with Hamed about it. LeBlanc eventually tells Mr. Monroe that if he wants to tell the police, he has to tell them himself. Walter takes her up on her offer but he's torn.

He needs an organic transplant so now there's an issue of whether the police will let him get his critical procedure before they arrest them.

Hunter and Hamed team up on remotely assisting a medic in Syria in a successful operation.

Bishop is happy that Hamed was successful but tells him he is no longer allowed to do remote work in office hours. He also tells him he got the transcripts taken care of and that the two are going to be a team.

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