Bash and Bishop Talk Horizontal - Transplant
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Amira is mad at Bash about Ranyia.

Mags wakes up next to Jake. They talk about how they handle stress differently, and he leaves to get some sleep because she would keep him up. Jake continues to struggle to impress Theo. Mags stands up for him to Theo. Mags and Bash agree that what happened in the elvator never happened.

Theo is upset about Mel wanting full custody. She won't take his calls.

Claire is studying for her exam, and Rhoda is filling in for her. A patient with dementia can't find "Peter" who Claire reveals upon return is a cat.

Patient Kelsey got injured at th bar she owns, which is closed for revonation. Her father, Dr. Grisholm found her. He brought her in and weigh in on procedure. He is her blood type and insists on giving her blood. They lost Kelsey's mom to ovarian cancer a month ago, and have been distanct without her a buffer. Dr. Grisholm is an important person at another hospital, and Dr. Bishop wants him properly managed. Kelsey wakes up but she has a fever, which makes no sense if she just fell. Dr. Grisholm blames her lifestyle, but Kelsey tells him she's been hiding that she has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Dr. Grisholm refuses to accept her diagnosis. When they find penumia, he wants her to be intubated, but she oesn't want to be. Mags stand up for her, while Bash sides with Dr. Grisholm. Dr. Grisholm has powerful friends, and due to Dr. Bishop's precarious position, he takes Mags off the case. Bash has to do a risky procedure on Kelsey. It doesn't go as planned, and she ends up intubated. Dr. grisholm blames Bash.

Mags insists Dr. Bishop let her pursue thoracic. 

Dr. Bishop tells Bash he is being pushed out.

Ben and Tessa, were in car accident on the way to deliver the baby. Ben is only slightly banged up, but Tessa is injured and wants to make sure her baby is okay. Tessa wants an epidural, but there is no time. Tessa delivers the baby girl and Ben collapses. His spleen is ruptured and he needs surgery. He sneaks out to try and abandon his baby. Tessa admits that they got married to save the relationship and she stopped taking birth control without consulting him because she wanted a baby. 

June helps nasea patient Maya Crawford, who had a gastroic bybass recently. Her sister Rosalie brought her in because she's having symptoms. Her operation was done by Dr. Evelyn Roche, who Maya feels is prejudice agianst fat people because she wouldn't order tests. June orders tests, which Maya appreciates, but Rosalie feels is giving Maya false hope. June asks Singh if she should look into Maya, and when she does, Dr. Roche comes after her. She backs Maya, and Singh back Dr. Roche. They can't find the problem except post-op complications, and Dr. Roche makes trouble for June with the higher ups.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Actually, I had a gastric bypass three months ago. I've been sick on and off ever since. Before you ask, yes I stick to the diet plan, yes I exercise, no, I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problems.


Tessa: I can't, I can't, I just can't anymore. It hurts too much. Please, can you just cut it out of me? My stomach is already bleeding; you could use that opening.
Theo: The delivery I remember the most was my youngest. My wife was up all night with our oldest who was sick with the stomach flu. She called me to tell me she was in labor, but she couldn't leave Abby home alone to come to the hospital. Okay, I drove like a maniac and I got there just in time to deliver Grace on our kitchen floor. It was insane, just like this.
Tessa: Yeah?
Theo: Okay, but we look back on it now and we laugh. You two will have the same kind of story.