Bash Tries To Help Khaled Abdullah - Transplant
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Bash's friend Khaled Abdullah is working with a lawyer for an asylum claim. His first attempt two years ago was denied. His lawyer thinks he has a shot, but there is a detention order against him. Bash waits anxiously to hear back. The lawyer, Klien, says Khaled is being held in detention. Bash flashes back to his own time in lockup. It's been two weeks, and Khaled may be deported.

Bash's patient Sameer Gupta is from India and has an infection. He's an engineer, but because he's an immigrent, he's working on a construction site. Bash won't sign a paper clearing him to return to work because it would be dangerous until his wound heals. Gupta is mad that Bash doesn't understand as an immigrent himself. He goes back to work and ends up in the hospital the next day needing surgery for an anueyrism in his leg. Bash calls Sameer's wife, who Sameer lied to about getting promoted. She wants to go back to India, and she is pregnant. Bash is honest with Sameer about his own situation, and Sameer and Anju find common ground. 

Theo has a new 3rd year named Jake Cooper. He and Theo work with a kid, Dimitri, who is vomiting constantly. It turns out he is bulemic. Theo gets his trust, and offers to help him tell his dad, but before he can, Jake tells the dad, which makes everything worse. 

Mags is offered a part time resident practice is cardiology but turns it down.

Bishop's mechanic Frank has a dislocated shoulder. Claire tries to help, but Frank passes out so June steps in. Bishop chastizes her for it, though they do need to keep Frank longer. Franks condition keeps worsening, and Bishop thinks June needs to handle Frank more delicately. She tells him he has low testoserone. She has fake hair.

Theo gets served his divorce papers.

A good samaritan, Alison, brings her neighbor, Warren, in after he crashes through her window. Dr. Bishop talks Mags through the surgery. She has trouble finding the source of the bleed. 

Alison thinks fate led to her helping Walter. She stays the night with him and calls his son. Mags and Bash discuss fate. Alison's relentlessness annoys Mags, but she sees herself in it, and when she listen's to Alisons concerns, dshe realizes Alison is right about Warren still having glass in his body. They have to perform surgery and are unable to save him. Alison blames himself. Later, Mags and Bash have a moment.

Claire confronts Jed about not dealing with things and trying to control where she'll do her residency.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Dr. Bishop: Dr. Curtis, was it necessary to steamroll Claire like that?
June: I just, I wasn't sure if she needed help, and I wasn't sure if you -
Dr. Bishop: Then let me set the record straight. I am not hands-on, but if I need anyone stepping in on a patient I am overseeing, I will ask. Any questions?

Frank: You said it was just a shoulder, Jed.
Dr. Bishop: Loss of consciousness changes that. We'll keep you a little longer. Run some tests.