Bash Is Torn - Transplant
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A bird is trapped in the hospital. Bash has a panic-induced flashbacks while the bird is trapped in the ducts.

Jake meets Mags sister. Cam thinks that Mags is following her pattern of using a guy who adores her to make her feel better about herself. 

Mags, Theo, and Jake treat a 6 month old, Oliver, with CHD (Congenital heart disease) a heart defect developed before birth. Oliver was adopted by his dads Gary and Bruce at 2 months while still in the NICU for Tricuspid atresia (TA). He has Wolff-Parkinsom-White syndrome. Mags advices them to have the surgery, despite the risks. 

Bash treats Malik, a 17-year-old diabetic. His girlfriend, Ruby, brought him in. She claims they are both emancipated. He is, but Claire discovers that Ruby's mother reported her missing three days ago. They call the mother, who wno't consent to Ruby giving her kidney to save Milak's life. Ruby cuts herself. She has a history of cuttng, but hasn't been doing so since she's been with Malik. Malik is in kidney failure. He's on the wait list but it could take time. Ruby is disqualified as a donor because of her history of cutting. Ruby's mom steps up and offers Malik to live with them.

June and De Luca treat Mr Garcia, a return patient who De Luca remembers, but June does not. He's 28, getting married, and has accute pancreatitis. De Luca gives June a hard time for not remembering. Garcia's pancreas situation would need an opertation, which would mean booking an OR, which would mean keeping Garcia overnight. Garcia is supposed to get married today. Bishop suggsts an unorthodox way of handling the problem in trauma i.e. creating a task force. June goes to Singh for advice. He advices against it, calling it risking, and saying that operating in trauma would take funding from surgery, but she still wants to do it. 

Theo's patient Marnie's asthma systems aren't getting better despite treatment. She has been fighting a cold for two weeks since returning from Bali. Theo Thinks she has TB. Shelley, the mom, is giving him a hard time. Mags helps Jake figure out that it isn' TB but a fungus caused from playing in a compost. Shelley hit's on Theo.

Bash tries to get news on Khaled. Theo confronts Mags on dating Jake. June bonds with her brother. 

Ray Grisholm filed a malpractice suit for the events that led to his daughter having to be ventilated for the rest of her life. Bishop tells Bash to toe the line. He opts out of helping during an unorthodox surgery.



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Transplant Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

De Luca: You really don't remember him.
June: I see a lot of patients for a short period of time. I'm supposed to remember all their stories?
De Luca: Okay. What major life event happened to me last week?
June: You got promoted.
De Luca: I turned 30. You ate one of the cupcakes.

Bash: We'll do some blood tests, take a urine sample to check his kidneys, then assess and make a plan.
Ruby: We already have one. I'm giving him one of my kidneys.
Wendy: That's very generous of you but there are multiple complex tests you'd have to do to confirm-
Ruby: We did them already. As soon as we learned he had CKD.
Claire: Have we seen you here before Ruby?
Ruby: Not here. We did blood and tissue typing, and serum too. The doctors said there's no way I'd be a match but they were wrong! Mal and I are meant to be. We won't let anything come between us.