Dr Bishop Horizontal Photo - Transplant Season 2 Episode 3
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Bash has flashbacks to his time in prison in Syrian. He speaks with his therapist about it.

Bash looks for apartments for Raniya. He get an apartment for them and they hook up.

There's a orbidity and mortality review of Sonya Jessup, the case where Dr. Bishop's sight was faulty and Bash nicked an artery. Bash sits in. Dr. Novak is running the session, and Bash is concerned. Dr. Novak goes after Bishop in the M & M. Bash tries to defend Dr. Bishop. Claire admits Dr. Bishop's wrong doing. Dr. Novak calls out Bash about his missing papers and offers himself as an alternative ally to Dr. Bishop.

Dr. Bishop is having trouble with his left hand.

Dr. Novak dismisses Mags for looking tired, choosing to work with Bash. Their patient, Vincent, is a figure skater. Dr. Novak encourages Bash to do build a bridge in the leg without vascular despite it not being the approved procedure in Canadian hospitals. It works. 

Trish is Vincent's skating partner. Vincent likely won't be able to skate for 6 months because of his injury. Trish passes out. Vincent tells Bash that Trish has been taking something. She says it's just supplements since she fell and hurt her knew, and that they are supposed to be natural. She has liver failure and needs to be intubated. They both pull through.

Mags patient is vommiting due to having ingested milk with a dead mouse in it. Later, she meets up with her sister and discusses her problems with Dr. Novak.

June got Chief Resident. There is concern about blowback from the other applicants. Nobody comes when she calls for a scope because someone needs to be assigned to that. June doesn't trust her team.

Theo treats a kid, Eamonn, with a fever and infection caused by a dental abscess. Her insurance for her new job won't kick in for a month. Eamonn's infection causes endocarditis. Eamonn's father was absusive, so Eamonn's mom took him and left, but living without the money means they can't afford as good healthcare. Eamonn won't need surgery.

Mel leaves Theo.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bash: I wasn't sure you'd make it in today. I'm glad you did.
Dr. Bishop: I'm not here for the M. & M. if that's what you mean. I'm here as a patient.
Bash: Good. You know, Dr. Novak he's running the session and he's ...
Dr. Bishop: Yes, yes, we've established, wants my job. He's picked a good case to take up. Plenty to learn from what happened.
Bash: So how come you won't ...?
Dr. Bishop: If I'm there, others won't feel free to speak openly.
Bash: But if you're not, then ...
Dr. Bishop: Novak might malign my good name? My name can take it. It's not your fight, Dr. Hamed.

Dr. Mitchell: We've spoken before about triggers, and when they happen you want to fix things. I have seen enough to know that. And your way of doing that is by running into burning buildings trying to save someone else. It makes you feel in control. The thing is, post-traumatic stress is like a faucet: once open, it keeps on flowing, Bash, whether you like it or not.