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On this week's episode of Treme...

- Antoine's teeth are busted up by his encounter with the cops last week. As a result, Ladonna convinces him to go see her husband, a dentist, in Baton Rouge. This way, he can also spend time with his kids. Antoine gives in and realizes how little he knows his sons. The two presents he buys for them (with Ladonna's money) are too small or too inappropriate for guys their age.

But Ladonna's husband, Larry, is the greatest step-father eve. He lets Antoine go out to dinner on his own with his children, who mostly understand their father's situation. Antoine is in a good mood when he hops on the bus back to New Orleans.

- Albert, meanwhile, has a good and bad day. It's good because he has dinner with the boy (Darius) and his mother (Lulu)that live down the street. He and the latter get along especially well, while the former seems into the music that Albert practices on a daily basis.

But it's a bad day because Albert must go to the funeral of a friend, and he'd also be upset if he know how little Delmond (in NY these days) didn't wish to take part in a New Orleans redemption tour. We see more of Delmond's life this week, as watch him spending time with a girl he's been seeing.

- Poor Davis, meanwhile, has his stuff stolen after his car breaks down. The car is wrecked because it ran over a pot hole left there by the area's electric company. It also doesn't come through for Janette, often leaving her with no gas. This leads Davis into a drunken rap where he thinks he can run for government and fix things.

- Crieghton makes a YouTube video where he goes off on the national government and says how New Orleans is the best city on earth. He curses a lot in it and is then recognized around town for it.

- Sonny tries to get a gig in Houston with two friends and ends up on stage at one point. But only for one song, as he's then passed over for another piano player. When he returned to The Big Easy, Annie is playing inside a restuarant with another set of musicians. Sonny, who we learn convinced Annie to go to New Orleans after they met in NYC, is bummed out about this contrast.

- Toni and Ladonna learn the truth about the latter's brother, Daymo, via the inmate that took his handcuffs and his identity. He says he and Daymo were stranded with other cons after the storm, and this guy convinced David to switch ID bracelets with him in exchange for protection. The problem? This guy is a murderer and now Daymo, wherever he is, has his bracelets on. Ladonna really has got to find him.

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