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This wasn't exactly the most uplifting episode of Treme.

It kicked off with Antoine cheating on his baby mama, having sex with a stripper in her FEMA trailer. He later got into even more trouble, stumbling out of a bar drunk, banging into a police car and getting the crap kicked out of him by the cops. They forced him to leave his trombone on the sidewalk, which was the main worry for Antoine after Toni came by and bailed him out.

The trouble musician also learned that he wasn't asked to go to NYC with Kermit and company for a charity gig. He's stuck playing music at a Bourbon St. strip joint.

Davis also got arrested (for cursing off the national guard) ans also got bailed out by Toni. He repaid her by teaching piano to her daughter, as Crieghton looked on, intrigued by this individual. He seemed to actually enjoy the teaching job.

Davis also enjoyed taking Janette out to dinner to make up for the bottle of wine he drank a couple weeks ago. She's having problems of her own, as the meat distributor is forcing Janette into weekly payments because he doesn't trust her long-term financial picture.

Toni was also involved in the storyline with Ladonna. We met the latter's husband this week, whose brother is a judge. But even he stone-walled Ladonna in her attempt to track down her sibling. Toni has equally bad luck when she spoke to a police officer and he didn't seem to care that his prison had the wrong person locked up. Hey, whatever keeps that FEMA money flowing!

Viewers also got to know Sonny and Annie a bit better. The latter was asked to play at a major New Orleans music event, while Sonny was left by himself, drinking. These two are a seemingly happy couple and try to make a living as street musicians, but there's definitely tension there.

Finally, Albert came across the dead body of a former friend. This took place soon after he learned that the theif he beat up last week is still alive. The episode concluded with Albert and some friends singing their pal into heaven, as a Katrina Tour bus came and left.

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Treme Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Toni: Davis, you do not motherfuck the national guard.
Davis: I just want my city back.

It's called YouTube. Anyone can put anything on there, isn't that cool?


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Lake charles 1 Lake Charles Lucinda Williams iTunes
Think deep Think Deep Coleman Hawkins iTunes
Right place wrong time Right Place, Wrong Time Dr. John iTunes