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Bill and Sookie, just after having makeup sex to get over their last fight, argue like a couple of parents on how to "raise" Jessica.  When Jessica's parents go on television to plead for the kidnapper to bring their daughter home, Jessica realizes how much she misses her parents and tells Sookie.  Sookie agrees to let her see her parents from outside the house as long as they don't go in.  Sookie takes Jessica, who, of course, goes running up to the door.  Jessica and Sookie get invited inside and all is good until Jessica's father comes home and begins to yell at her.  Jessica gets ready to get revenge for the years of him abusing her just as Bill comes running to the rescue.

Meanwhile, before returning to Jessica and Sookie's aid, Bill was out shopping for new clothes for Jessica when he runs into Eric.  Eric informs him that he needs to borrow Sookie to go to Dallas to find a missing Sheriff vampire, Godric.  Bill tells Eric no.

Poor Lafayette is still trapped in the basement of Fangtasia, and Eric brings him up for questioning about the missing vampire.  Lafayette admits to getting V from the vampire and that Jason Stackhouse was the one that kidnapped him.  Due to the fact they need Sookie, Eric just says the information is useless to him and returns Lafayette to the prison.  Later, Lafayette breaks out of his chains using some metal he found in the hick's bones, and on his way out gets shot by the human bartender.  Back in Eric's office, an injured Lafayette begs his captors to let him live and make him a vampire.  At the end of the episode, Eric, Chow and Pam attack him.

Jason, meanwhile, goes to his leadership conference where he makes friends with fellow former football player, Luke.  The two agree to be bunkmates, but soon find themselves in stiff competition during the games that include Capture the Flag.  However, when Jason wins, he's brough up on stage to help out in a vampire sympahtizer lecture that brings him closer to the beautiful Sarah Newlin.  A very jealous Luke tells Jason that today was his, but the next day belongs to Luke.

Tara and Eggs attempt to get closer as she learns about his seedy past, but it only pushes her further away  When Tara begins to suspect things are too good to be true at Maryann's, she confides in Sookie who asks her to move in with her.

Maryann comes in to Merlotte's where she continually orders massive amounts of food and forces all the patrons to dance.  Sam tries to kick her out but she both reminds him of the free $100,000 "loan" and that she can turn him into a dog at a moment's notice and let everyone know his secret.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Chou [about Lafayette]: How much blood do you think he's lost?
Pam: Oh, I still think he has something to offer.
Chou: I hate to let it all go to waste like this. Seems a shame we have to wait for Eric.
Pam: Well, maybe one day you'll be sheriff and you can make the rules.
Chou: I doubt that.
Pam: Me too.

Sookie: Another first
Bill: How do you mean?
Sookie: We've never had make up sex before
Bill: How does it compare to "you thought I was dead" sex?
Sookie: That was pretty great too, but I wouldn't want to have to go through that again