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Sookie and Jason return together to Bon Temps to find their town in utter chaoas with everyone under Maryann's control.  While the two are busy trying to investigate what's going on, Sam is busy hiding from the mob that's after him in Andy's apartment.  When Sam receives a frantic call from Arlene who fears her chldren are in danger, Sam heads into Merlotte's with Andy and gets ambushed.  They end up locking themselves in a meatlocker to stay safe.  

Jason, heads over to Merlotte's armed with a chainsaw and nailgun to go investigate.   Jason breaks up the mob outside the meatlocker and rescues the trapped victims, only to have the angry mob, who is led by Terry, return.  They demand Sam and he knows it's the only way they'll leave and he gives himself up willingly.  The mob is busy trying to give Sam up for sacrifice, so Jason dresses as their "god" and with Andy's mastery of special effects (spot lights), Jason asks that Sam be given to him.  After he "smites" Sam (he turns into a mosquite to look like he got smote), the mob disperses and returns to Maryann's.

Bill and Sookie, meanwhile, go to investigate what's been going on at Sookie's old plae and they find Maryann there.  When she refuses to leave, Bill goes to suck her blood and ends up vomiting out her black blood and getting very sick.  On their retreat, Sookie is able to use a telepathic light-type power to push Maryann away and they retreat to the car.  Sookie offers to take Bill to Eric's for help, but he refuses and instead drinks her blood to recover.  

Meanwhile, at Lafayette's, Lettie Mae and Lafayette are desperately trying to get Tara to awaken from her trance.  When prayer doesn't work, Bill and Sookie come by and try a combination of glamoring and telepathy, which eventually works.

Jessica and Hoyt, meanwhile, are dealing with Hoty's possessed mother, who is desperately trying to escape from Bill's house.  They distract her with Wii, but eventually her comments piss off Jessica to the point of provoking Jessica to bite her.

The episode ends with Bill heading to the vampire queen for help.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Bill: Tara, you are safe here. You have to do exactly as I say
Tara: I am not your fucking slave girl
Lafayette: If there ever there was a time to listen to a white man, Tara, this is it

Sookie: Jason, this would be one of those times to use your head.
Jason: Oh, I am. This here is the war I've been training for.