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The episode opens with investigating the body int he back of Andy's car and it turns out it's NOT Lafayette!!  It's actually Ms. Janette, the con woman who perofrm the excorcisms for Tara and her mother.  Though Tara initially doesn't admit to knowing her, Sookie convinces Tara to come clean which leads her to a long night of questioning.  Meanwhile, the Sheriff pulls Andy off the crime as he's a been intoxicated and possibly even a suspect int he murder.

They bring Maryann's other, Lettie Mae, in for questioning as well.  Maryann comes in and rescues Tara and ends up telling off Lettie Mae.  Tara ends up hanging out at Maryann's house where she begins to get to know the hunky Eggs.  At the end of the episode Maryann comes to visit Sam at the bar and Eggs tags along and ends up making out with Tara... only for Sam to see.

Bill, meanwhile, is dealing with his new vampire, Jessica, that is now living under his roof.  He insists that she dress nicer and not bite Sookie when he introdues them.  Sookie comes over and meets Jessica, who's wearing nothing but a towel, for the first time and suspects that Bill slept with her when he converted her.  She leaves very upset.

Back at home, Sookie is cleaning up her grandmother's room when a lawyer comes by to inform her that her Uncle Bartlett is dead and she was left an inheritance of $11,000.  Sookie returns to Bill's that night talks Jessica into giving her a night alone with Bill.  Sookie confronts him whether he did this to her Uncle and he admits it.  After a big fight, they both say I Love You and head to the bedroom to make up.

Sam goes to visit Maryann, only to find out she's asleep.  When he looks at a statue it triggers a flashback to Sam's first meeting with Maryann.  He apparently broke into her house as a teenager and stole food and attempted to steal the statue from her.  Maryann ends up sleeping with him and as she goes to shower after, he takes off with a boatload of money from her.  At the end of the episode, Sam tries to return the money to Maryann and she's not interested.  Sam is bothered that Maryann has turned her attention towards Tara.  But probably more so bothered by witnessing Eggs kiss Tara.  Oh and Sam hired a hot new waitress, Daphne (Ashley Jones).

Meanwhile, Jason meets with the anti-vampire church, The Fellowship of the Sun, and learns from the elader, Reverand Steve Newline, about a leadership program that costs $1200.  Jason ends up using his share of Bartlett's inheritance to sign up.  He also turns down a skank at the bar.  He's a changed man.

The poor, barely living Lafayette, is being held prisoner in the basement of Fangtasia by Eric.  While down there, he's joined by the hick that sent back the "AIDS burger" in season one.  At the end of the episode, the hick tries to attack Eric with silver and ends up getting dismembered.

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I'm tired of charring my ass on your back burner.