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The episode opens with Sookie and Bill returning with Jessica from her family's house when they get into a fight over Sookie's actions.  Bill acts like kind of a jerk, and Sookie takes off through the woods to walk home where she ends up getting attacked by some minotaur-looking creature.  Bill finds her with claw marks on her back and when his blood can't save her, he takes her to Fangtasia for Eric's help. 

Eric's doctor saves Sookie from the poison and when she wakes up, she overhears the dumb waitress, Ginger, mentioning Lafayette being held prisoner.  She immediately goes to rescue him but is unable to get the chains off.  When Eric asks Sookie to go to Dallas for him, she agrees to do it only if he releases Lafayette... and pays her $10,000 with Bill accompanying.  Eric reluctantly agrees.  Bill and Sookie drive Lafayette home.

Jessica, meanwhile, sneaks out of the house and goes to Merlotte's where Hoyt comes up to hit on her.  Even when he finds out she's a vampire, Hoyt's still interested and they head back to her (Bill's) place.  While there, they start making out and Jessica's embarassed when her fangs come out.  Hoyt encourages her to continue and they start to get it on until Bill comes storming in and rips her off him.

After a haunting dream involving Eddie, Jason sits in a circle with fellow Light of Day recruits discussing stories from their past.  Jason seems to be turning away from the cult as he talks about how good Bill has been to sookie and how nice Eddie was.  Jason takes off, but Sarah follows him and convinces him from her story that he should stay with the Light of Day.  Jason ends up having dinner with Steve Newlin that night who convinces him hate is good and that Sarah must really like him because she made him pudding.  Hey, we don't write this stuff.

Tara, despite Sam's continuing advice, still keeps enjoying the lavish lifestyle with Maryann and grows closer to Eggs.  That is until Maryann's party gets a little too out of control and Tara gets jealous when she sees Eggs getting a massage from some random girl right next to her.  She takes off and tells him there's no us if he likes this lifestyle.

Lovable furry Sam, meanwhile, is planning on taking off from Merlotte's and plans on leaving Terry in charge while he's gone.  That night, before he leaves, he decides to run with his dog friend one last time and ends up in the lake, skinny dipping himself.  That's when Daphne joins him and strips down... revealing scratches on her back like the ones Sookie got fron the monster!


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True Blood Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bill: I remember when ladies clothing stores sold petticoats.
Sookie: That's so weird.
Bill: Actually I sort of miss my times. Clothes left something to the imagination and required a certain skill to get past.
Sookie: I think there's a Halloween store around here that sells them.
Bill: You're such a tease

This is so embarrassing. I'd die if i wasn't already dead