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Jason finds himself getting closer to the Newlines after he spends the day shooting at vampire targets with Steve, he spends the night eatting dinner with them.  At dinner they invite him to join the elite Soliders of the Sun, a vampire killing squad.  He accepts and spends the night at the house, growing ever closer to Sarah.

Tara, meanwhile, decides to move in with Saookie and says goodbye to Maryann.  We find out as she goes to visit Lafayette that it's her birthday and he kicks her out.  She goes home to cry by herself, only to find Maryann arrive with Eggs and her chef.  They throw her a surprise party and the whole town shows up.  We're treated to more erotic dancing and drinking, including Tara and Eggs having sex and Sam and Daphne making out.  At the end of the epiosde, we see Maryann's hands turn into the claws that look like the minotaur creature's.

Eric arrives at Lafayatte's house and sees his leg is not getting better and is infected.  He offers Lafayette his blood in order to heal him.  Knowing that Eric is only doing it to track him, Lafayette reluctantly accepts in order to keep his leg.  He completely recovers.

Sookie, Bill and Jessica fly on some vampire airline to Dallas.  When they arrive, someone from the Fellowship of the Sun attempts to kidnap Sookie only to be rescued by Bill.  They head to the vampire friendly hotel.  Bill goes downstairs to meet with Eric at the bar.  Jessica orders a young man to feed off of and he gets delvivered by a young man who has the ability to read minds just like Sookie.  Sookie goes chasing after him and the episode ends.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Sookie [about Jessica]: You can teach her how to walk that line between vampire and human
Bill: Yes because I have mastered that
Sookie: Okay so you can teach each other

Bill [to Hoyt]: Are you going to leave or am I going to have to throw you out a window that is closed?
Sookie: That is just rude