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On this week's episode of True Blood...

- Lafayette forced Tara to throw up all the pills she swallowed, and then drove her two hours away to a mental hospital. His loony mother has lived there for six months, as she responds to seeing Tara and her son by saying "God killed them." Lafayette also meets her nurse at the facility. His name is Jesus and he's far from ugly.

- Back at Merlotte's, Tara meets a vampire named Franklin Mott. He helps her beat up two locals that were mocking Eggs and viewers are led to believe he's the same guy that was earlier searching through Bill's belongings, including a Stackhouse family tree that was found in a drawer in his home. Interesting.

- Jessica rents a chainsaw to do away with the man she killed, but his body is somehow gone when she returns home with it.

- Sam officially met his biological family, learning that his mother and brothers are also shifters. His dad is not. Things turned dangerous when Tommy (who turns into a pitbull) and Sam went for a run as dogs, only for the former to try and get the latter run over by a truck. Tommy doesn't like his family much.

- Through flashbacks, we see that Eric and Godric posed as Nazis in 1945 to try and get to the bottom of the werewolf issue. Eric says the pack with the tattoos running around now feed off vampire blood and are very dangerous. The episode concludes with Eric forcing Sookie to invite him inside so he can deal with a werewolf that is in her house. Sookie fires a shot at it as the credits roll.

- Jason accompanies Andy on the investigation of a meth lab. He's drunk, but he sees a mysterious blonde at the residence and runs after her.

- As for Bill, we learn the Vampire King of Mississippi was behind his kidnapping. He wants Bill to become a sheriff in his state and also tells Bill he plans on marrying the Queen of Louisiana (but don't tell the King's funny boyfriend, Talbot, this) and combing territories. Bill wants know part in any of this, but reacts with fangs bared when the King threatens Sookie. He reacts even worse than he sees Lorena, dousing her in flames.

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You're too busy praising Jesus to realize your daughter wants to move in with him permanently.


You're about to get deader, dead ass mother fucker.


True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 Music

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