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Tonight’s episode opened with Lorena attacking Sookie in the slave quarters. Sam found enough strength to grab Lorena with his silver chains. Sookie grabbed a long stake and as Bill held Lorena up Sookie drove the stake through her heart.

Alcide and Tara showed up and as they wrapped Bill up to move him, Debbie Pelt comes in with a pistol. Sookie distracted Debbie and Tara tackled her. Alcide picked up the pistol. Coot came in and lunged for Alcide, who was forced to kill him. Tara and Sookie got Bill into the van while Alcide locked Debbie in.

Sookie rode in the back of the van as they escaped. She attempted to give Bill some of her blood to try and heal him. Bill finally accepted the blood, but in the frenzy attacked Sookie and drank too much and she ended up in a coma.

Meanwhile Sam attempted to locate Tommy at the dog fights. Sam changed into a pit-bull to sneak into the background of the dog fights. Sam set off an alarm to scare everyone away from the dog fights and he found Tommy and his parents. He told Tommy that if he wanted a better life to come with him. Tommy went with him.

Sookie had a vision of women and men playing in a garden and a woman name Claudine was her host. Claudine then gave everyone a warning that darkness was coming and warned Sookie that she should not trust Bill.

As everyone left Sookie collapsed. Back at the hospital Bill showed up as it got dark and offered to give Sookie his blood, Jason said ok and Bill gave her a transfusion. After a short time Sookie woke up and screamed her head off at the site of Bill.

Eric, Sophie-Anne, and Russell showed up at Fangtasia where the Magister has Pam bound with silver chain. Russell explained to the Magister that he was no longer recognizing the authority that the Magister worked for. Russell released Pam and tied up the Magister and tortured him until he pronounced Russell and Sophie-Ann husband and wife.

Just as Eric, Sophie-Anne and Russell turned to leave Russell decided to decapitate the Magister instead of leaving him tied up.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I didn't think I was smart enough to get depressed.


Summer: I'm just kidding; I'm not a vampire like your last girlfriend.
Hoyt: Girlfriend?

True Blood Season 3 Episode 7 Music

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Mountain radio Mountain Radio The Benders iTunes
Cant drive me away Can't Drive Me Away Stone Temple Pilots iTunes
You get what you pay for You Get What You Pay For Jason Charles Miller iTunes