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Sookie delves deeper into her family history this week on True Blood and seeks the help of a fae elder. Jessica tried to protect Jason from Russell and Steve but Bill orders her to alter her plans. Alcide and his father put their differences aside to fight off a trio of baby vampires. Sam and Luna gain entrance to the Authority's inner sanctum but are halted in their attempt to free Emma. Eric and Nora talk their way out from under Bill's watchful eye and fly off together into the night. Jason lures Russell and Steve to Sookie and the other faery but Russell gains the upper hand. The rest of the authority members are each approached by Lilith who claims to have chosen each of them to lead. Pam is taken prisoner for the murder of the new sheriff. 

True Blood
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True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Bill: Roman is no longer with us.
General: How?
Eric: He couldn't get with the program so he had to go.

Jason: You gonna be ok?
Sookie: Kind of strange to find out you were sold to a vampire 300 years ago.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 Music

  Song Artist
Song Introitus Requiem Crucial Music Corporation
Song Cars, Bars, and Guitars The Go Getters
Gayle lynn rodeo queen Rodeo Queen Gayle Lynn iTunes