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Eric escapes with Nora on this episode of True Blood and pledges allegiance to Bill in hopes he can cure his sister. Willa is tasked with alerting the inmates about the tainted True Blood. Sarah calls in a senator to help her cover up the death of Governor Burrell. Sookie leaves Warlow to console Arlene. She and Lafayette uncover some startling truths about Terry's death. Back at the camp, Jason offers to help Jessica, so she asks him to bring James to her. The two vampires share a steamy scene together while Jason stands guard. Sam says goodbye to Nicole as her mother comes to pick her up, but are later captured and brought before Alcide to expose his lies to the pack. Pam seduces her therapist to gain access to general population, meanwhile Sarah exposed Jason and puts him in with the female vampires as well. In a flashback we see how Eric and Nora met, but soon after witness her emotional death while in Eric's arms. 

True Blood
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True Blood Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

When is leaving your family behind the best thing?


You don't have the stockholder syndrome do you?


True Blood Season 6 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Grant langston call your bluff Call Your Bluff Grant Langston iTunes
Led zeppelin in the evening In the Evening Led Zeppelin iTunes