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Both Sookie and Jason have to make tough phone calls to open this episode of True Blood.

Sookie had to call Alcide's father while Jason had to call Hoyt to tell him about his mother's death. With Andy busy taking care of Holly, Sam  and the others look to Jason to be the law.

Eric and Pam on a jet argue over where to go next. Eric informs her of his plan to go get Willa in Shreveport and Pam flashes back to the day they were brought to their new charge by the magister. Fangtasia we learn was originally a video store. That was until a Tulane student named Ginger happened in and changed everything. The idea for the bar was actually hers, but Pam confesses to Eric that she glamored it out of her.

Jessica won't feed, so James brings Bill in. Jessica agrees to feed on Lafayette after Sookie guilts her into helping her rescue Arlene, Nicole and the others. Sookie then searches Holly's memory and learns where the other are being kept.

As Sookie and the other prepare to make their assault on Fangtasia, its former owners arrive and provide an alternative way in. Things go smoothly enough until Vince and a group orf townspeople show up and all hell breaks loose.

Sookie finds Arlene who is near death having been fed on. She thinks she hears Terry and wants to join him, but Sookie helps bring her back.




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True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Sam: You all ready?
Jason: No, but let's do this anyhow.

Pam: I hate Shreveport.
Eric: Oh come on. It'll be a trip down memory lane.