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Jason has an erotic dream featuring Eric to start things off this week on True Blood. He wakes up and rejoins other survivors of the town outside the church. Sookie has an idea how they can find some answers regarding the vampires that attacked them the previous night. Sookie leads a group to the body of a dead girl she found, while others busy themselves with cleaning up Bellefleur's. 

Arlene still held captive with the others, recognizes one of the vampires holding them hostage. She and Holly try to convince her to set them free. 

The body Sookie found leads them to Saint Alice, a nearby town where there are no survivors. Sookie reads the girl's diary and realizes they had some things in common. On their way home Alcide proposes the idea of just running away and leaving everything behind, but Sookie refuses. Back at Sookie's house, she sneaks out to see Bill when Alcide goes to shower.

Back at Bellefleur's Vince incites the mob and they abandon their cleaning effort to arm themselves. They are lead to the police station where the only remaining guns are. Adilyn tries to stop them but is taken prisoner. Jessica feels her distress but can't do anything as it is still light out. Andy returns home to find his daughter missing and Jessica inside. Jessica asks Andy to help her rescue Adilyn. 

Back at Fangtasia Betty dies before she can help Arlene and the others. Lettie Mae visits Lafayette looking for V but he turns her down. She ends up hurting herself to get what she wants. 

Pam finds Eric in France. As she enters the room he is in, a woman leaves while noting he won't take her blood. Pam looks at him as he appears weakened by what appears to be symptoms of Hep-V.  

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

There's no manual on how to get through this.


Jason: But I can't get you out of my head. You probably hear that a lot don't you.
Eric: For a thousand years, only twice have I felt it in return.