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Hep V vampires crash the human-vampire mixer set up by Bill ansd Sam. Tara is killed and several people are taken away including Arlene, Nicole and Holly.

Andy leaves to go look for Holly and leaves Jessica to watch over Adilyn. He tells his daughter not to invite her in no matter what.

Back at Merlotte's Vince sees Sam shift back into human form and confrints him about it. Sam is wary of the people hearing their Mayor is a vampire so he asks Vince to let him explain at a later date.

Pam continues he search for Eric overseas in some shady places. She plays a game of Russian Roulette at one point to gain information about his whereabouts.

Sooki has trouble shutting out everyone's thoughts mant of which blame her for the current status of things. Alcide even thinks some harsh thoughts and lands in hot water with her as a result. Jason and Violet have an argument of their own, but in the end both couples reconcile.

A strange vampire appears outside Andy's home where Adilyn is holed up. Jessica standas guard, but eventually is invited in by Adilyn. Jessica's boyfriend meanwhile makes sure Lafayette gets home safe and shares the story of how he was made before feeding on Lafayette amicably.

The Hep V vampires feed on humans at Fangatasia as Holly and the others fear for their lives. Bill and Andy search at an old slaughterhouse and are confronted by Vince and others. They want to kill Bill, but Andy insists he be the one to do it. He then turns his gun on one of the other humans and convinces them to leave. Bill thanks Andy for saving him, but Andy assures Bill he will never forgive him for what he has done to him and his family.

Sookie attends church where Tara's mother blames her for her daughter's death. Other members of the congregation think mean thoughts about Sookie. She calls them out on it and says she would like to help despite their ill wishes.



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