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Frank is in bed with his wife, pondering the fact he never really knew what to do with a lot of money. They're talking about kids, which makes him think about his own father, who locked him in the basement when he went on benders when he was a kid. When he was six, he was left down there for days. Rats chewed on his fingers. Frank wonders now if he's still in the basement in the dark. If he died there. All of that from a water stain. Something is trying to tell him it's all paper mache. 

Woodrugh learns what might be in line for him if he takes the role in the investigation the state is offering. He just wants to go back to the bike. Bezzerides learns she'll be leading the team, with Volcoro in second. She gets a little history lesson on Vinci, worst polluter in the state that turned away residents for manufacturing. Each of the team meets with their superior and is told their part.

Then they see the body. As soon as they're finished, Ray meets with Frank, making it clear where his loyalties really lie.

Paul visits his mother with KFC. She lives in a trailer. His old prom date got fat. He remembers she was nice to him. He worries for his mom.

Ray and Ani visit the deceased's house, make off with his calendar. 

Frank learns that the sale Casper was supposed to make didn't go through. He's down $5 million, which was essentially everything he owned. He's offered the buy-in again, but it sounds like a little short. To top it off, Casper quoted him $10 and the dude is quoting him $7 million. Frank thinks he's diminished. He's going to get it back. Every dime.

Ani and Ray meet with the mayor, who is not at all helpful. Such a strange position, yet what would you expect of a mayor mays nothing but corporations?

Paul and TD are bonding at the hanger. TD is hilarious. Ani and Ray arrive and they all compare notes. The 24th is important. The Catalyst Group. TD and Paul both beg out. 

Ray has a day with Chad, but his ex doesn't want the kid spending any time with him because he's bad. Ray did something for her. By any natural law, he had a right, he saws. After that, things started slipping away. That must be what Frank covered up and why Ray's in debt to him. Something happened and now he's not strong enough to stay decent. She threatens a paternity test, and Ray freaks. Chad is all Ray has in his entire shitty life.

Two thugs beat a guy up by the side of the road, just in time for Frank to save the day. What on earth could he have done to get someone pissed off like that? What kind of behavior could have provoked that kind of behavior? No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Ben had been going to therapy because of his habit of frequenting young call girls. The doctor knows of Ani's father. 

Frank takes money to the Vinci mayor. It's short. Mayor isn't happy. He threatens to take Frank's businesses away from him. It doesn't seem like the best time to be threatening Frank.

The phrase, "we get the world we deserve," is tossed in during a rather odd discussion about sweat shop economics. After they share a little moment, Ray tells Ani he thinks she's been tapped, along with the kid, to get it all wrong. Why else the state investigation? She says if he wants honest, he should think about how compromised he really is.

Paul's girlfriend is bothering him about his suspension and the Black Mountain stuff. They argue and break up. The most significant part of the exchange is when he wonders who the fuck he is supposed to be.

Frank finds a link to Ben Casper, a call girl and a small house in Hollywood.

It looks like Ani is doing recon for the case on a porn website. But she's having a little too much fun. Considering the altercation between her and her sheriff friend in the premiere, it seems she has a thing for the naughty stuff.

Paul is watching male hookers get out of cars.

Frank and Ray meet at the seedy bar with the depressing singer. Frank gives Ray the information on the house. He wants any info he can get on Ben and land purchases. He thinks Ray could be chief of PD if things go the way he expects. Ray reveals there isn't a reason to keep at this anymore. Frank wonders if life in prison is an option. After all, he saw him dumping the body.

Ray goes to the house in Hollywood. He looks around and then takes multiple shotgun blasts to the chest.


True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

His eyes? What the fuck kind of modus operandi is that?


Burris: That clear to you, detective?
Ray: Ten four, lieutenant. Just one question. Am I supposed to solve this or not?