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Ani and Ray are chatting about her past. Particularly the time she got into a van with a stranger. It was a feeling, like pride. She now gets sick to her stomach when she thinks of it. She was proud he thought she was pretty, which isn't uncommon among molested children.

Ray, in turn, tells Ani about his experience with the guy who did his wife and how the entire thing went down. She says it seems like he was making up for lost time. 

Frank tries to send Jordan away, but she's not buying it. She knows he's just acting to try to get her to go away and it's not working for her. She's fighting for them. He ultimately promises he'll meet her in two weeks or less. It seems less and less likely that will happen, the more detailed their plans become.

Ray calls Burris and learns about Paul. He and Ani are shocked, but Ray realizes he'll be fingered as the doer. They plan on taking everyone down instead of running.

Frank is at the Mayor's house, who he finds floating face down in the pool. It's the best he's looked all season. Inside, the drugged out wife is calling out. She was Tony's friend before she was friends with the mayor, but she didn't expect to see him floating in the pool. Tony is the Russian. Frank tries to get her to understand what's going on, but realizes she's "fuckin' dense." 

Money like a really cool 80s horror movie plays while Ray and Ani look into a house. There are photos of many of the major players. A woman's voice calls out. It's Laura. She's handcuffed to the fireplace. She tells the tale of being split up from Len, how she got hired to work with Caspere. Len did it when the acid went wrong. They were messing with Caspere to get answers and things went bad. Len went overboard and he though it was funny to cut out his eyes and prop him up on the road after driving him around on the city streets. So that all meant pretty much nothing.

Len is going to the train station now to meet up with Holloway to trade the hard drive, which erased itself due to some security feature. Also a pointless plot point. Ray leaves Ani there with Laura while he goes off to save the day.

Frank is talking with Tony when Ray calls. 

Ani gets Laura a bus ticket to Seattle. 

Frank gives a big bag of guns to the scarred waitress at the shitty club, then the shitty singer starts singing her depressing songs.

Ray heads off to the train station. He sees he's the subject of a massive manhunt on a TV at the station, which we'll assume is Omega Station. Haha. He might not be recognizable in the cowboy hat. Ray tells Len he can't do what he wants to do, but Len insists he is the blade and the bullet. The black fellow who was there when Paul died is on the hunt for Len. Burris is lurking around. Ray calls the fellow over, luring him with a totebag.

Ray made a rather terrible mistake allowing Leonard to listen in on the discussion about Caspere, as the guy started talking about his mother and who fathered the kids. Up pops Len and his blade. Ani gets Ray out of the place even after the bullets start flying and police come rushing in.

Despite the bar being a well known place where Ray visits, that's where they hole up, in the back behind some bricks where Frank is with the scarred waitress. Frank and Ani aren't getting along. Frank tells Ani to go to Venezuela, and perhaps meet up with Jordan and give her a message. He wanted to be there, and the story they told is still true.

Frank gives Ray some information. Get some money. He also tells him Blake is the guy who set up Ray, he's gone and didn't go nicely.

Ani really wants to run to Venezula with Ray and Jordan, but Ray wants to make the filth pay. He feels he owes Paul that, at least. 

There is a giant shootout on the mountain, and it appears everything is taken care of, but it's only about the half hour mark of the finale, so that's not going to fly, is it? Frank and Ray say goodbye, promising to meet in Venezula. Ray calls Ani and they, also, prepare to meet at the boat. The looks o both of their faces are pure love.

While Frank does business, selling diamonds and picking up money, Ray goes to the playground and gives Chad a salute by way of goodbye. That seems to be his fatal flaw, and I expect him to die now. There is a tracker under his car, so that's not so much of a stretch. He wait for them to follow him, but they don't show up straight away. He takes off.

Frank, meanwhile, is also being tracked. He's sandwiched in by two other vehicles. Someone breaks the glass of his car. There are two guns pointed at his face. He's kidnapped.

Ani has cut and dyed her hair. Ray calls to say he's gonna be late and to get on the boat. He admits his mistake of seeing his boy. It's too late. He cannot lead them to her . She had to take the files and recordings and get on the boat. She wants to wait. 

While Ani heads to the docks, Ray talks into his recorder, leaving a sweet message for Chad about how everybody should be like him. 

Frank is stabbed in the gut, pummeled and left to die in the middle of the desert. He's barely been out there at all before the visions of his father begin.

Ray is cobbling through the woods and goes down in hail of bullets exactly like his father predicted back in True Detective Season 2 Episode 3. His recording to his son didn't go through. 

Ani is on the boat and well on her way to Venezuela. 

Frank is hobbling through the desert, trying to confront his demons along the way. he has an entire cast of demons to confront, but the bastard keeps going. At the end of his journey is Jordan, in a white dress. He's coming. Hold on. He's dead.

Ray's father watches the news of Ray's death on TV. He's confirmed as Chad's father. Paul had a highway named after him. The new Vinci mayor was his ridiculous speedo wearing son.

Ani is still in Venezuela. It's a year later. She had Ray's baby. She noted "sons." She gives the evidence to some dude. She was telling the story to a reporter. Ani and Jordan are together. She's still carrying knives. They're on the lam. 


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True Detective Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ani: He was better than us. He saved our asses, twice.
Ray: Three times. Now. He deserved better.

I hope you saved some of that Miss Ukraine money.