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It's 66 days after the murder of Ben Caspere. The case is closed and an Attorney General Geldof closed the case after the "murderers" engaged police in one of the deadliest shootouts in state history. He used a news conference to announce his candidacy for governor.

Frank moved out of his swanky house, to Glendale.

Ray quit the force and is working security for Frank at the casino. Burris visits Ray because he learned what Teague Dixon was doing with his photography. He was "into some people" and wanted to know if Ray was privy to it. He also delivers bad news to Ray. The row house he's living in is reserved for municipal employees. He's being evicted. 

"Security" for Frank means he's kicking down doors and collecting "rent" from people in Frank's jurisdiction. Even he's disgusted with himself.

Ani is in a sexual harassment class, and she's given up ecigarettes for the real thing. The men are trying to throw blame on the women, and the men are asking why the hell she's even there. Who would consider being with her harassment? The leader tells them that's inappropriate. She admits she really likes big dicks. She continues on. It's a safe circle, right?

Paul, meanwhile, is in the meeting with the actress. For some reason they're bringing up Black Mountain. As if that has anything to do with the situation. He received a commendation for the firefight. Woodrugh is working insurance fraud now. 

A couple of fellow decide that since they worked with Santos at the casino, they now work with Frank. He disagrees. The music indicates there will be trouble.

Ray's ex decides to bring up the rape during the child custody hearing. She demands both toxicology tests as well as a paternity test. His attorney tells him it's going to get expensive.

Paul discovers his mother took $20,000 from a bag he hid in her house. It was his blood money. It's been four years. She thought he left it for him. When he tells her it was for his family, she taunts him about being gay. Then she cries when he leaves.

Ani talks with Vera's sister and looks at photos. She sees photos of diamonds in them, as well as a man who appears to be Fred Jenkins, a US Senator. She appears to be working in the evidence room. Her old partner visits her and apologizes for her crap detail. She asks him about Vera's case.

Ray does some recon.

Jordan isn't pleased with Frank's walk down criminal row. She doesn't think she can have kids. She had three operations in her 20s, which she decides to tell him when they're both out in the open.

Paul's with his girl and her mom, drinking while they eat dinner. Mama might come live with them for a while. He takes a giant gulp of his liquor tea.

Ani meets with Ray, and they catch up about their current vices and the case she's stumbled upon. Ani pays the tab, and Ray asks her not to. It was good seeing her, he didn't realize she'd been on his mind.

So here we are, three episodes from the end of the season and we're back where we started. Katherine Davis wants them all to be a part of it. She has news for Ray. He's cleared of whacking his ex's attacker. He was picked up a few weeks ago. It's great news, except we know Ray was found by Frank with a body. Who did it belong to? 

When Frank is asked by the Rail guy to find the hard drive with Caspere's home movies, it seems Ray's not going to have such an easy time making the transition from thug to PI after all. McCandless is one of those with a video, according to Dr. Pitler, who Ray goes to see for a bit of information.

Ani, who once hated the idea of her sister working parties, now wants Athena to try harder to get into one so Ani can get the inside story. This time, however, she'll take her place.

Paul learns another detective already went by a pawn shop looking for information on the diamonds. TD. He knew about the diamonds before they ever went to the safety deposit box.

Abigail can't believe Ray made up attacking her attacker. Ray can't believe that's what she got out of his quasi confession. What he knows is that Frank set him up.

Ani and Paul find a cabin where someone was murdered.

Frank and Jordan grow closer. The more they kiss, the more I expect something terrible to happen. Ray pounds on the door. They need to talk.



True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Can I help you Cisco Kid?


Group Member: Can I just ask? What the fuck are you even doing here? Who'd want her sexually harassing them, am I right?
Counselor: See? That kind of thing there could be considered inappropriate.
Group Member: What? It was a compliment.
Ani: Oh, it's alright. It's alright. I understand. It's, ah, I don't know. I mean, what can I say? I just really like big dicks. Yeah. It's not just length. Everybody's always talkin' length, but it's fine. I mean, girth, too. I really want to have trouble handcuffing the thing, like.
Counselor: Uh, I'm not sure. That might be taken...
Ani: What? I thought you wanted me to share. This is a safe circle, right?