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Ray Velcoro's wife was beaten and raped. She gave birth nine months later. The guy was never caught. In the heat of a custody battle, this is a bone of contention. Why should his rights be expanded? Because she took off for two months, leaving the boy in Ray's care, just the two of them. They grew closer. Upon return, they talk about divorce. Ray never asked about paternity. It's not what matters. He shoves wads of cash across the table toward his attorney. What, she likes paying taxes? What about his time at the LA sheriff's department. Anything there going to hurt him? No. He welcomes judgment.

Eight years earlier, Ray is a sheriff's deputy, preparing to talk with Frank Seymon about the "filth" that hurt his woman. He has a photo and information on Ray's wife's account. He wanted to help out. He doens't want anything in return. Maybe they'll talk sometime, maybe not. He asks after Ray's wife, but Ray storms out.

Frank's hair is receding a bit now, married, with a big house. It's a big day. Something is going down at Frank's casino, but his guy says he won't be touched. Velcoro's name is mentioned, but Frank doesn't seem pleased. An older gentleman is driving in an old car with a giant stuffed bird bag on the passenger seat.

Ani was having sex with some guy, and whatever they were about to do surprised the hell out of him, to the point he pulled back. He wanted to move forward, but it wasn't the time for conversations. Ani is then busting into someone's house on behalf of the Sheriff's department. What she finds there is her sister. There seems to be a deep river of sexual problems running through her family.

Velcoro is being read the riot act in the office about the Vice article. There is a big meeting, "Casper" is a missing person and they want Ray working with Dixon. That doesn't excite Ray. They suggest he start with the City Manager's office.

Office Paul Woodrugh is pulling over poor drivers on LA highways. Someone young chickie wants to trade sex for safety. She was an actress, and suddenly he's on administrative leave. He wants to make sure he'll be reinstated back on the bike, on the highway. It suits him. He was working for America.

At the event, Frank learns Casper hasn't been to work in two days. He's surprised. This is his entire pitch.

Ray and Dix are looking for Casper. His place is totally freaky. On the coffee table is a bowl of milk with a lady floating in it. Some piece of art! He's "adventurous," as Dixon calls it.

The guy who was in the car, who must be Casper, falls against the window in the back of the car, apparently dead or at least passed out.

Ani and her partner are chatting with a woman whose younger sister is missing.

Frank is giving the presentation that Casper, the city manager, should have been giving. It's for a Central Railway of some sort with guarantees by the feds.

Ray swills down bourbon awaiting a suspect outside his home, spotting someone smoking...crack? He seems intrigued. He also puts on a ski mask before heading to the suspects house. Not a suspect at all...

Ani visits a guru who happens to be her father. She has a lot of resentment toward him, as she feels he allowed her mother to walk into the ocean and never return. He, however, doesn't like to force his opinions onto others. That doesn't stop him from asking if she even likes what she does and offering her some advice. Ani had a failed marriage and is angry at men and the world. He believes her entire persoality is an extended criticism of his values, meant to compell him into engagement through agrument.

When Frank goes to school to pick up his son, he discovers his kid lost his shoes to bullies, and he proceeds to bully him in front of the entire school, threatening to pull down his pants to spank him in front of the entire cheerleading squad if he doens't tell him who did it. Ray gets into his car and uses his recorder to apologize, in a way, to Chad.

While the male locker room at the sherrif's department is teeming with activity, Ani appears to be the only sole representative for the opposite sex.

Paul arrives home to a randy girlfriend. He wants a hot shower. He's been burned, literally, as there's a large scar across his left shoulder, inaddition to other scars. He's not really into his relationship as there are other things on his mind.

Frank is talking with the Russian representative of the rail backing. His agreement is falling apart. Osip wants to meet Casper.

Ray, meanwhile, is visiting a small boy about the shoes wearing brass knuckles. He proceeds to beat the kid's dad down and threaten the kid never to bully anyone again. Over the top much?

Someone is dumping Casper's body.

Paul's girlfriend is asking about his scars. One in particular is not from the Army, it's from before, a long time ago. He never spends the night with her. He only works. His life is fucked.

Ray and Frank meet at a seedy bar. Frank pays Ray for a bunch of files and even Frank can't help but worry about Ray's drinking. Frank is the one who gave Ray the tip on the lawyer. Frank and his wife are going to try IVF. What they went through years ago put them on the path to friendship. They apparently did talk again, more than once and often.

Paul considers killing himself on the motorcycle he loves so much, changes his mind. When he pulls off the road, he finds the body of Casper, carefully propped up on a roadside picnic table.

Ray looks similarly dead, asleep in the booth where Frank left him, chin on his chest.

After drinking the night away, Ani gets a call, shortly followed by a similar one for sleeping Frank. The call is on for Casper.

Ani and Paul are at the scene when Ray drives (what?) up. Casper has had hid eyes burned out chemically. This will be big.

True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: You're Deptuy Velcoro, right? This 'filth' hurt your woman. You know this guy.
Ray: Tell me.
Frank: Sometimes, everybody's not always on the same side. Fine. It's business. But this. No. Fuck that. Somethings don't stand.

Harris: You were with LA sheriff's department eight years before Vinci PD. Anything there going to hurt you?
Ray: No. I welcome judgment.