Conner and Mason's client, Mark Schall, a made up clothing company is about to become unhappy when they feel their campaign isn't appealing to teenagers.  Desperate to not let Rothman Teens take over, Mason heads home and interviews his daughter about what's cool to teens.  The next day at the meeting with the client, Mason pitches an idea about a book and is quickly shot down by the client.  Conner steps in and saves the day by pitching doing a webisode, angering Mason.  Mason is starting to realize his daughter is not typical "cool" and more importantly he might not be cool.  He checks his daughters facebook and finds out she only has three friends and goes home to talk to her without much success.

At work, the client calls Conner, they like his webisodes and want to do a meeting.  Conner tries to do the meeting without Mason and it's going very well save for interruptions by the Rothman Teen guy.  Mason decides to hop in the meeting and tells them they should use Spike Jonze to direct the webisodes.  By the end of the meeting, the clients think that they can get Spike Jonze to direct.  Conner tries to reconnect with an old flame that knows the guy that repped Jonze and fails miserably.  Conner and Mason head off to Los Angeles to try and get a meeting with Jonze.

While out in LA, we find out Conner had them fly out without a meeting plan and they trick Jonze's rep to even speak with them.  They almost score a meeting, but when Simon leaks the story about Jonze to the papers before they even meet with him, the meeting is cancelled.  A desperate Mason tries to sneak into a party to meet with the director, but they fail to even successfully bribe the bouncer to get in.  He ends up going home defeated and manages to patch things him up with his daughter.  Mason even relinquishes a little control to Conner and let's him get the next director.

Meanwhile, when Adgabber mentions that Sarah is a lebian in one of its blogs, she becomes vary paranoid about what people think of her.  Things get even worse when she accidentally accepts a date with a lesbian from the office to go to a party at Optimus.  Desperate to look straight, she goes to ask either Hector or Tom to escort her so she'll have a male date.  The two fight over her but she ends up choosing Hector.  She goes with him and after pouring her heart out, they have a an awkward kiss that she hates.

Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mason: Conner, you gotta let me pilot the plane.
Conner: I was trying to co-pilot the plane to keep it from crashing

Mason: How do you decide what shoes to buy?
Haley: I don't know. I just do it.
Mason: You 'just do it." Now, where have i heard that before?