Mason and Conner are in LA when they get a call back from work to come back to Chicago to work on the Arc Mobile campaign.  While there, their creative director, Stu Hoffman, is removed from the project and they're asked to work on it.  Stu goes nuts, throwing cds into dry wall, and retreating into his office.  Meanwhile, Sarah Krajicek-Hunter joins the staff and Mason tries to talk her out of entering Stu's office and when she finally does they find Stu dead from a heart attack.

With Stu gone, Tony quickly promotes Mason to creative director, leaving his copy writer / partner / best friend Conner behind.  Mason doesn't immediately tell Conner about the promotion and he is forced to find out via a memo.  Mason becomes infuriated with Conner and stops helping him on the Arc Mobile campaign leaving him alone.  Meanwhile their CEO, Denise, offers the campaign to another department and has both of them pitch their ideas in a meeting.

At the meeting, Denise hates all their ideas, including Sarah's talking thumb ideas. Sarah gets stuck on the campaign she hats the hmost, shampoo.  Then, Tony sends both Mason and his rival to pitch the ideas though they will recommend Mason's rival's idea.  Though Tony encourages Mason to bring Conner, he refuses to come.  However, after Conner goes to Stu's funeral he realizes theres much more to life than work so he comes rushing to Arc Mobile to his aid.

However, when they Conner gets there they won't let him in.  Mason tricks his rival into only pitching his idea to the client who hates it.  Then, Mason pitches a nervous, risky ide that gets accepted by the client.  When asked for a tagline, Mason begins to stutter until he gets one texted to him from Conner from outside.  The client accpets and Mason and Conner are back together.

Trust Me
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