Mason and Conner head off to the awards show where Conner goes and accpets the recently deceased Stu's award on his behalf.  Sarah, meanwhile, doesn't get credit for the award-winning work she did at her previous company and goes up on stage anyways, making a jerk out of herself.  At the bar, Conner runs into an old flame of his, Carrie, who is now married and with a kid.

At work the next day, the CEO, Denise Raynor comes to visit Tony to discuss how the group is going to win awards now that Stu is dead.  Tony brings in Mason to show off his new creative director for his plan.  Mason then brags about how they (err Stu) hired Sarah in order to start getting awards.

Meanwhile, shortly after losing her brand new office, Sarah runs into Cochran in the elevator who tries to steal her away to work for his group.  They make lunch plans.  Good old Conner has been spending the day texting his girl Carrie and arrange a lunch date with her.  On Conner's way to lunch he sees Sarah with Cochran and cancels on lunch to return to Mason to discuss strategy on Sarah.

Mason and Conner discuss their plans for keeping Sarah.  Conner makes dinner plans with Sarah with Mason's wife coooking and then goes to help her on her shampoo commercial.  Mason ends up being held up late at the office talking to Denise and Conner ends up making a dinner date with Carrie, leaving Sarah alone with Mason's wife, Erin.  Awkward.  Especially give the past they've hinted at between Sarah and Mason.

It turns out Conner was being set up the whole time as Carrie's husband shows up to the dinner and tells him to never call Carrie again.  Mason finally gets out of the meeting and shows up home to Sarah and his wife without the food he was supposed to bring home!  He ends up driving Sarah to the train stop and they have a little talk where she says she's going to stay.   Mason heads back home to his angry wife with some Mushu pork.

The next day, Mason goes in and confronts Cochran and tells him to stop poaching his team.  Cochran tells him that Jack should have come to say this and he's the one who should be watching out for his job.

Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mason: Is there some rule that talented writers have to be self-absorbed pains in the ass?
Conner [not paying attention]: I'm sorry. What?

Mason [about giving a speech about Stu]: I can't think of anything nice to say. Stu hated me.
Conner: I wouldn't lead with that.