Say No to Accessory - Tulsa King
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Mitch is training some new gang members, including a fellow names Clint, how to shoot.

Mitch wonders what the fuck they're doing. Dwight suggests getting some of his buddies. There is a deadeye Jane there who isn't happy to be rounded up in this mess. Her name is Grace, and she wants Dwight to say he's really fuckin' sorry for turning their lives upside down.

She wants him to be the smart guy he is and take a moment the next time to consider what it does to their little lives.

Stacy wants Waltrip to tell her where he's buried the body.

Dwight, Mitch, and Bodhi are talking with one of the weed guys, Jimmy, about going into the casino business. He would be the name on the paper but they'd do everything else. He gets a 20% cut and full time access to the buffet.

Dwight asks Jimmy if he knows of any baby badface types, and Jimmy knows a few. Jimmy brought some of the apricot jelly, and Dwight's stoked.

The mumbos are at the funeral about whacking Dwight. Johnny says you can't take out a made man, but Chickie has something else in mind. It's already decided. When Johnny asks again if there is another solution, Chickie attacks him.

Dwight and Tyson are staking out the Black McAdams. Tyson wants to know what went on in New York and after. He thinks Dwight treats him like a child, so Dwight explains what it means to be an accessory after the fact.

Stacy and her partner are chatting with a couple of FBI agents. The topic, of course, is Dwight. When they mention he might be dating Margaret, A look covers over Stacy's face. She wants to refocus the investigation on Waltrip, who is definitely not paying taxes on all the money he has.

Mitch and Dwight are meeting with a couple of guys, Moss and Ben. They will kill without remorse. Dwight says to start whenever they feel like it.

Tyson is moving out of his parent's house. His dad tells him the hardest part of having a child is watching him get hurt, and this ain't no playground.

Tina calls to say she thinks a change of scenery might be a good idea. Dwight says he might have to stick a pin in it until he gets things ready so they'll be comfortable. She agrees since it's almost as if they're meeting again for the first time. He really wants to meet his grandchildren. When the time is right, she says.

Stacy is looking for Waltrip at the Black McAdam compound.

At the stables, someone is riding Pilot, and Dwight meets Brian Gillen, the former Mr. Deveraux. He suggests Pilot be used as a service animal for therapy.

Brian wants to know if Dwight is being respectful with Peggy. He claims to know what Dwight is up to, which is to fleece a woman of means. Brian calls Dwight a fuckin' relic with his shiny shoes and whatnot.

Dwight tells Margaret she must have been out of her mind to marry Brian.

Stacy cannot believe the money moving through the Black McAdams. They aim to put the kibbosh on his accounts.

Waltrip wants the local PD to get Manfredi into a jail cell where Waltrip can get to him.

Jimmy wonders why he has to get into this casino racket with Dwight. Bodhi tells him about his experience so far, so in for a penny, in for a poind.

Tyson is pulled over, and Dwight decides to get out of the vehicle. He wins this round, and tunes of the old west play out as everyone drives away.

Stacy is in therapy, refusing to talk about her problems. She's handling her problems by getting shit down. He asks her if she's still seeing the guy who reminds her of her dad. It's over and done, she says.

Chickie calls Dwight. Dwight said Pete tried to have him killed on the inside, so he wouldn't be a hippocrate and attend. Chickie says he wants to make amends to temper the bad blood. They've got to bury all the shit between them. Chickie even calls him Uncle Dwight before saying he's coming to visit with the boys. Surely, Dwight will read between the lines.

Waltrip is pissed the cops didn't arrest Dwight.

Armand has made pasta with sardines, and his wife isn't impressed. Clara wants to move. She doesn't like not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow.

He tells her there comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself. She says they either leave or they get divorced. She married a decent man. She didn't marry a criminal, and she will not raise her children with one. He tosses his full plate across the room.

Stacy tells Dwight they raided Waltrip this morning. She says Waltrip and Robbie Trucoat are in the wind. He asks her up for a drink, and she says no. And then she says she heard her had a girlfriend. He spots jealousy. Waltrip and his man pull up outside and open fire. Stacy and Dwight open fire back, but she's hit. Dwight wants to annihilate that bastard, but when the cops show up, blood on his hands, tells them his name.

Tulsa King
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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ben: Hey, they say you were in the mafia?
Dwight: Nah. There's no such a thing.

Mitch: What are we doin' here man, dealing with the bad news fuckin' bears?
Dwight: Yeah, tell me about it. We're looking for some evil-doing buddies here. Your friends need some money?