Business Accumen - Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 2
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Dwight uses his new laptop to search for his daughter, Christina.

Then he takes his box of money to pay to be shipped, and he's told they don't accept cash. Dwight wants to know what the fuck is going on with the world and is shocked to learn the dude never heard the saying, Cash is King.

Another fellow accepts cash to ship the money on his card.

His next disappointment comes at the coffee shop. No actual glass anymore, so he's sipping espresso from paper.

Stacy calls his friend in the bureau to find out a little about Dwight, discovering he's a two-time murderer who never flipped. At least he's got some integrity.

Dwight is strolling around Tulsa, getting a feel for the community, and spots a woman and her son talking and laughing in the square. A Homeless woman says it's the center of the universe. Stand in there, and nobody can hear you.

While inside the center, a white horse walks by. When he steps out, he tries to offer the homeless woman some cash, but she doesn't want his scuzzy money.

Stacy is in therapy, trying to get a hold on her drinking. She admits to having slept with a 75-year-old criminal.

Dwight needs a credit card, and Tyson tells him about debit cards. They're off to see Bodhi for some cash.

Bodhi wonders what he's getting out of their "partnership" and when they'll start making hand over fist.

Dwight and Tyson go to the bank, but he can't use an expired ID card to open a bank account.

A guy named Manny gets a call from another named Eddie. It was Eddie who recognized Dwight, and he thinks Dwight is here to kill him.

Dwight is cheating on his drivers test examination. When he gets his photo taken, he does the run of prison poses.

The next appointment for a driver's test is in five weeks. He slips her a hundred, and suddenly a spot opens up next week. He can take his learner's permit to open his account and does just that.

Chickie calls about "that thing with Vince," since Vince is bawling about his broken jaw. Dwight has to make amends, Chickie says. He suggests 100k. Dwight doesn't take that well.

Stacy visits Dwight. He's happy to see her until he learns she's an AFT agent. She asks after his family, and takes a minute to center himself before answering. He hasn't seen any of them in 18 years.

Dwight swings by to get Bodhi for their visit to Jimmy the grower. Dwight offers his hand in greeting to Badface and is shunned. Then Jimmy arrives. He's up for negotiating, but Jimmy isn't. Dwight surprises everyone by really knowing his stuff, and then rattling off his offer and prices, the offer of which expired after he finishes his cracker.

Dwight has been wolfing down some honey dip and learns too late it's infused with THC. He was wondering why he was feeling so good.

Dwight is having a good ol' time on their way back to Tulsa, and Stallone does a great high dude.

Dwight asks them about their generation and what the hell is with the pronouns and then riffs on Arthur Miller and Henry Miller, proclaiming that Arthur's greatest triumph was Marilyn Monroe.

Dwight wants to check out Micky Mantle's house in Commerce, OK, and lets Bodhi know that men don't say pee.

Mitch is considering sending his dad to the veteran's home. Dwight gives Tyson the night off and tells him and Bodhi that it was a fun day today.

Dwight was embarrassed by his father. He could barely speak English and his friends made fun of his accent. A friend tossed him a baseball one day, and it bounced off of his chest. Mitch says they played soccer on the other side, and Dwight says try telling that to an 11-year-old kid who worships Mickey Mantle.

Manny tries reaching Dwight, but before he gets put through, he hangs up, satisfied.

Dwight receives his debit card and gets information on Christina. He hesitates a moment, calls her house. A man answers, and her husband, Emory is shocked by the call. Emory says Tina doesn't want to talk to him, but he puts her on the phone so Dwight can hear her voice. Then she hangs up.

Dwight heads to the center of the universe to talk to God. He says he stopped seeing her because it was too hard on her, no it was too hard on him. He's so sorry he quit on her.

Tulsa King
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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Tyson: You gettin' in?
Dwight: You would think for two grand a week, you'd get out and open the door.
Tyson: Seriously? You want me to do that shit?
Dwight: No, but it would have been nice if you offered.

Stacy: I'm just saying; at least he's got some integrity.
Agent: Nothing sexier than a cold-blooded killer with principles.