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Dwight Manfredi is in prison, thinking about how he's gotten to where he is now. Next scene, he's out after 25 years behind bars.

Dwight is surprised he's being taken to Long Island, expecting to find a welcome home party elsewhere.

It's not quite a party, but the gang's all there. Men are standing behind him, and he goes to great lengths to get them out of other. Prison will do that to you.

Chickie is Pete's underboss, who tells Dwight they can't just turn back the clock. Dwight says he's just hoping that after whacking a guy he actually liked to save Chickie's dad's ass that he'd be adequately compensated. They seem offended at that. And then they say Tulsa. What the fuck?

They want him to go there, plant the flag and get it set up. There's nothing left for him here. Time doesn't just stop because he went away. After 25 years and everything he did for their family, this is what they offer him?

Things go south pretty quick. His gift includes him kicking up five grand a week to start. After all that, Dwight's not too fussed leaving them behind.

A guy takes him to a hotel, one where no one will break his balls. On the way, Dwight asks why it's called the Sooner state and is shocked to learn that dude doesn't know and isn't curious, either. Dwight thinks it would be really great if someone invented a device where you could look this stuff up.

The black dude called him a gangsta, and Dwight doesn't take it kindly. But when he hears that gangsta is cool, he reconsiders, but not for long. When he spots a dispensary, his interest is piqued. He asks how all of this works. He's thrilled to discover they don't get much crime here, especially since there aren't any cameras or guards.

Bhodi owns the joint, and he wants to meet him. When someone stands up to him with more spray, Dwight gets the tire iron. Bodhi emerges, eventually leading Dwight to his books.

Dwight cannot believe that Bodhi keeps his money in the bank, and spells out how he'll smash his metatarsels with the flat of his shoe. After a little more friendly banter, Dwight discovers half a million behind a dufy poster. Bodhi doesn't understand how this is working, so he's shocked when Dwight really only takes the 20%.

Newly funded, Dwight hires Tyson for his driver and sets him out to buy a new car. A Navigator.

The hotel, a motel, is a little unsavory, but Dwight sets about unpacking.

Dwight next gets an introduction to ubers and then need to have a phone before heading to the Bred2Buck Saloon. Mitch Keller is the bartender. When he realizes he doesn't have a chianti, another guy says what he needs is a bourbon since that's what he wants, and Dwight buys him a round.

Dwight compares his Italian lizard shoes to another fellow's Texas lizard boots.

Tyson shows up in his mother's car. The car dealer refused to sell to him, calling him a crack dealer and threatening to call the police. Dwight wants to visit that establishment. He meets Donny Shore and calls him out on his treatment of Tyson, revealing that the man's logic was obviously erroneous since he was afraid of the wrong thing.

Dwight and Tyson enjoy some ice cream at the local mall before visiting Bodhi. He takes Advil for the fellow he popped. Dwight gives Bodhi some customer service advice. He's taken Bodhi a security camera, and he gets the irony.

After learning the Western Plains Motel is a dump, Dwight decides to go elsewhere. And from now on, when someone asks Dwight wants Tyson to say he's an Industrialist.

A bachelorette asks if Dwight is famous and whether she can take a picture. Dwight says if she needs to ask if someone is famous, they aren't, and no photos.

Andrea Savage is the next member of the bridal party to accost him for being mean to the bride. Then she invites him to a party as Karaoke Castle, which looks a lot like a strip club.

The owner of the establishment tells Dwight they can't be on the stage, and Dwight pays him to ensure that the girls can continue with his fun. When someone gets busy with one of the girls, he takes care of it. Then Stacy hits on him, asking to see his mini bar.

They had sex, and he talks about being rusty. She calls him a boyscout when she learns he doesn't smoke. Dwight was the deciding factor for her divorce, and he says he's happy to be her rubicon. She asks about Dwight's age, and she can't believe he's 75. She gets kind of grossed out and prepares to leave. It's the age canyon that grosses her out.

A dude named Almond cannot believe that he just saw Dwight in Tulsa.

At work, ATF Agent Stacy discovers she just slept with a notorious capo has come to town.

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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I married this life, and after keeping my mouth shut for all these years, I'm gonna see if it married me back.


Dwight [exiting the airport and accosted by a grasshopper]: Whoa! What the hell is that?
Woman: It's a grasshopper. They're harmless.
Dwight: That thing's the size of my cock!
Woman: Excuse me?
Dwight: Actually, I'm more endowed than that, so [she sprays him in the face with holy water].