Dwight Sets the Record Straight - Tulsa King
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There is a flashback to Chickie and Vince beating the shit out of a guy named Ripple. Armand calls Dwight for help.

Armand is begging for Chickie to stop, but he brands Ripple's face just moments before Dwight arrives. It's like a comedy routine when Chickie and Vince argue over the keys to the handcuffs holding Ripple to the radiator. He sends everyone out of the room and, with Ripple crying and asking what he's doing, Dwight shoots him in the head.

The fire is raging, but the police are there to greet him with an arrest.

Dwight is in the hotseat again. He's not cooperating. A casually dressed little guy named Elliott Evans comes in as Dwight's attorney. Dwight wants to see Stacy.

Dwight arrives with flowers for her. She's got a sly smile on her face. She seems to be doing just fine. She thinks Waltrip is gone, although she appreciates the sentiment that he wants to end him. When she says she'll lose her job for cavorting with a known felon and sharing proprietary information, he promises to make it up to her.

Waltrip is rousing the troops. They thought they'd be laying low, but he's looking to take down Dwight regardless.

When the leader of the little gang resists, he gets a bullet between the eyes.

Dwight puts the bounty out on Waltrip. Armand says Chickie is here and then shares a story about Chickie that occurred after Dwight went to prison. He was going to stand up to Chickie and was strapped up and ready, but when he got there, he froze and couldn't do it. He's never forgiven himself, and that's the night he went west, never looking back.

Armand hates horses because you can't trust anything that can run and shit at the same time. When he saw Dwight at the mall, he considered running. He couldn't do it anymore, and he'll never do it again.

Chickie can't believe it's 106 degrees. Goody is still reeling from being on a plane.

Dwight takes Armand and Tyson to see Chickie, Goody, and Vince. They have words. He calls Vince a pain in the ass and says he's done. They're not his family anymore. Tulsa is his town. And he wants Goody to stick around. Does he really want to stick with that asshole?

Goody sides with Dwight.

Chickie says he should drop all of them right fuckin' now. Dwight says yeah, but you won't and reveals more of his guys who will take Chickie to the airport never to be seen in Tulsa again.

Dwight introduces Goody to the group at the Bred2Buck where he learns his first name -- Dennis. They'll stick with Goody.

Dwight tells them they're going to war. He hoped to avoid it, but they don't have a choice. Grace enters. She's with them. Dwight said when arrived, he knew nobody. Being alone is the worst curse. Once you start this damn journey, you can't go back no matter how ugly it looks. You can only go forward. You can either get scared, give up, and burn up, or you can say fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck fear! And you barrel through it. When you come out on the other side, you'll be stronger than you ever thought possible. It won't work unless they cover each other's backs and become each other's family. The drinks begin.

Dwight and Tyson visit Bodhi for help getting into Waltrip's overseas accounts. His laptop is with the ATF, but Bodhi feels pretty good about infiltrating it anyway.

Mitch tells his dad they're shutting down for a while for some renovations. He trusts Dwight. Babe says he seems like a good guy, a straight shooter. Mitch is happy to have made a new friend, one that changed his life.

Bodhi begins his infiltration of Waltrip's accounts the same time the ATF is on the laptop. Bodhi gets rid of all of Waltrip's money. Waltrip, too, is on the computer, and he's not doing well.

In the hospital, Stacy opens a card from Dwight. She checks her bank account and finds a million bucks.

Dwight is feeling poorly about dragging Tyson into all of this. He feels fatherly about him. He wishes he had chosen another path like his father said. Tyson is finally doing only what he wants, which has afforded him his own home and much more. It's all because of Dwight.

They're enjoying a little downtime waiting for hell to break loose when they hear revving engines outside. Phil Collins In The Air Tonight plays while the battle rages. Our guys have the advantage, but it's not an easy takedown. Tyson and Armand are hit. Grace takes down a couple before attending to Tyson. Dwight's adrenaline is pumping, and he takes on Waltrip with his bare hands, getting him up on the all and shooting him in the head.

Three months later, Dwight's at the ranch with Tina. Her children are on Pilot. Margaret meets Tina.

It's been a while since Dwight had been there. He's been putting a few things together. Tonight is the grand opening of the new Bred2Buck. I sure hope the name hasn't changed!

It's Dwight's turn. He's getting on Pilot for the first time! Tina laughs, taking photos of the big moment.

Stacy is finally meeting with her superiors. She deeply regrets her mistakes. She'll be reinstated to full duty with a six-month probationary period. There is one condition.

Yay! It's still the Bred2Buck. Mitch is on stage singing Ramblin' Man. He's so happy.

Tyson is OK and has a girlfriend named Charisse.

Mitch thanks Dwight from the stage and dedicates Never Been to Spain to him. Dwight and Tina dance.

There's a woman outside asking for Dwight. Oh no. Is Stacy going to arrest Dwight?? Yep. She lures him outside and the calvary arrives. He's under arrest for attempted bribery of a federal agent for the money he gave her.


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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Dwight: I've seen some tough women in my life, but sweetheart, you take the cake. I owe you my life, you know that.
Stacy: No shit.
Dwight: I know we don't have a traditional relationship.
Stacy: Oh, this isn't normal to you?
Dwight: I'm gonna find this Waltrip.
Stacy: No, you're not. He's gone.

Dwight: Are you even a lawyer?
Elliott: If I'm not, I just committed a felony.