Making Plans with Mitch - Tulsa King
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Armand has some shit to deal with at home. He finds doggy doo in his front yard and gets highly annoyed at the mother fuckin' bastard, but things get worse when Dwight grabs him from behind, gun to his head.

Dwight wonders if Chickie sent Armand to Tulsa to kill him. They both thought the other was here to kill him. Damn that chickie. Dwight decides to pour himself a cuppa coffee.

Armand reveals that he tried to tell Dwight that Pete set him up, but they didn't let him. He skipped town because of that. Dwight says he's never mowed a single lawn. Dwight recruits Armand. He can start with an envelope with $300 in it each week. Oh, and he'll send over some sugar.

Someone at the gym tells Dwight he's doing it wrong. He's got the wrong form with the kettlebells. Dwight doesn't appreciate the advice.

Dwight tosses the ez pass transponder out the window even though Tyson says there's not getting around it.

At the tailor, the tailor offers up some lame western suit. Dwight turns it away.

Stacy's coworker shows her a Tinder option and Stacy isn't into it.

It's meeting time at the Bred2Buck. Bodhi says that Badface is in town, and Dwight should avoid him. Tyson arrives, and he and Bodhi head out to make some bucks.

They're making balloons with nitrous. A couple of dudes want to know who gave them permission to set up on thier territory.

Armand's wife hasn't had a drink in 15 years, but she's drinking now. Clara wonders how many other lies he's told. Manny thought the longer it went on, the more it felt like ancient history. He just wants to forget it.

Tyson hands over the cash, and Dwight gives him some from the envelope. Tyson wants one of those rings, and Dwight says his has lost its luster.

The biker gang has left them all exposed. Their leader isn't thrilled, and the other dudes then pummel the shit out of the two weak links.

Armand took the copper horse off the barn thinking Dwight could sell it. Dwight preserves cash.

Tyson's dad wonders where he got the ring and isn't impressed when Tyson says he got it from his boss. Only two type of people wear pinkie rings. Monsters and British aristocracy, and he doesn't think Tyson's working for the latter.

Dwight calls Jo. It's his sister. She doesn't want to be Dwight's intermediary with Tina. They've got a brother named Joe, too. He's got lymphoma, and they all take turns doing shifts. Dwight wonders if he should come, and she laughs. Now? He doesn't know why now. He doesn't know anything. It doesn't appear she knows why he was gone for 25 years.

The next nitrous sale finds Tyson and Bodhi assaulted.

Clara has scheduled a zoom with a real estate agent.

Dwight tells Tyson they've got nothing to be sorry for. They held their ground, they lost, and now they've got to regroup.

The gang is Black McAdam. Dwight wants to go in to get their tanks. Using their heads, not violence. Bodhi decides he'll bring Badface just instead.

Dwight invites Armand.

Mark lays into Tyson, and Tyson doesn't respond well.

Mitch plays guitar, asking what time they'll be back. Dwight says no, you're on parole. You stay here and work your magic behind the bar.

Stacy drops by her local haunt for a drink. She's been drinking on the couch lately. A dude covers her drink, a tumbler size vodka.

Mark shows up at the Bred2Buck and gets into a thing with Dwight. He lays down the enemy of my enemy is my friend, proclaiming he'll be joining them in battle. Father to father.

Stacy is hanging with the guy. His name is Colton. He says he's a good guy.

There are only eight of them, but there are 12 of the Black McAdam gang. Dwight leads the charge to WAR, with Bodhi pulling up the rear, scared to death.

Dwight knows what he's doing!

Stacy takes Colton back to her place.

Bodhi finally picks up a pipe and does some damage.

Tyson and mark double team a dude. Armand's face is lit up light a Christmas tree. Dwight's gang is a little beat up, but they've got their tanks.

Dwight shares the spoils of war. Mark abstains, but Armand takes a little.

Dwight is feeling the beatdown. His sister calls with facetime. It's time to say goodbye to Joe. He's dying. Dwight talks about a time they were sent to pick up cookies from Mrs. Milano. They ran into an old guy, and Joey asked if he was God. Dwight says if you see him, he's OK, and he thinks he should go with him. You and me, we'll catch each other later.

Armand gets home to dog shit on his boot, and he goes across the street and pounds the guy and spits on him.

Dwight has a second wondering if Tyson might not show, but he does. Tyson is thinking of dying his hair. Dwight says do it. Be yourself.

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Tulsa King Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Armand: I can't sell it. They'll think I stole it.
Dwight: If I sell it, they'll think I stole it. I think shoveling horseshit has affected your brain, Armand.

Dwight: You interrupted my breakfast for this?
Armand: Dwight, it's an antique. It's like 19th Century. Pure copper. You ever see American Pickers? People go crazy for this shit.
Dwight: Sure. What household couldn't live without one of these?