A Rescue Turns Deadly - Turn: Washington's Spies
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The boys from Setauket have a plan to rescue Caleb from the Redcoats. 

Abe and his father pose as prisoners and await the prisoner switch while lying in the bed of a wagon; then they are tied together inside a cabin on the Connecticut coast.

At first, all goes as planned, but none of them know that Simcoe has arranged for his Queen’s Rangers to sabotage the prisoner exchange.

During the surprise attack, Judge Woodhull is the first to be hit.

Abe, Ben, Caleb and the others retreat into the cabin. They come up with a plan to take on the Rangers, which works, but Abe barely survives.

Abe grabs his dead father’s hand as they are carted away lying in the bed of the wagon.

Outside Washington’s camp, Anna discovers that the soldiers are close to revolt because of the conditions of the camp and the lack of pay.

She resorts to writing to her estranged husband Selah, a politician who could help ease tensions between the Continental Army and the new country’s leaders.

In New York, Gen. Benedict Arnold realizes he’s been manipulated by his own wife (and even Maj Andre from the grave) and that Peggy’s been keeping a secret.


Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

No survivors.

Cpt. Simcoe

Judge [reflecting on their spy life]: I prefer the law.
Abe: And I prefer farming, but here we are.
Judge: Here we are.