Laura Is the One - Twin Peaks
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Richard visits the woman who saw him behind the wheel of the car that killing the little boy, she threatens him by saying she sent a note to the Sheriff but he kills her anyway. 

Becky is seen being yelled at by her boyfriend, with him threatening her like Shelly used to be threatened by Leo. 

A woman from the casino slaps the new owner in the face with a remote because he had a bug there.

Cooper gets taken to the doctor where everything seems fine, they notice his drastic weight change.

Janey-E Jones starts feeling attracted to the new Dougie. They have sex.

Jerry is still lost in the woods.

Dr. Jacoby yells about big companies, with Nadine watching.

Richard arrives at his grandmother's house and takes all her momey, hurting her in the process and upsetting Johnny. 

The guy in the office wants to pin something on Dougie so he gets taken care of without hassle. This ends up with him in the casino lying to the owners that Dougie doesn't want them getting insurance money on purpose. 

Albert seems to have bonded with the woman from the morgue. Tammy and Gordon watch with amusement. 

Albert and Gordon discuss the texts Diane was involved in and about watching her carefully. Tammy shows them footage of Evil Cooper being in that box in the penthouse.

Silvia calls Benjamin to tell him what happeend and ask for more money.

Catherine advises Hawk, mentioning that Laura is the one.

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We're just naked, screaming little fucks.

Dr. Jacoby

Do you find me attractive?

Janey-E Jones