There's Fire - Twin Peaks
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Boys are playing catch and see the woman that Richard thought he murdered struggling to stay alive. 

Becky gets a call and is very stressed out, she doesn't have a car but it is about Steven. She calls Shelly who drives right over, Becky runs out with a gun and steals her mother's car. Carl drives her back to the diner, and Norma tells her to talk to Bobby. 

Becky arrives at a hotel, with Steven and a woman hiding outside of room 208. Becky shoots at the door, very angry with Steven. 

In South Dakota, Tammy gets Hastings to show her where he saw Major Briggs. Albert and Gordon go to enter, with a portal appearing in the sky once they walk a few feet forward. Those outside the fence don't see the hole that appears, but Gordon almost gets caught in it. They go to follow a spirit on the property that keeps disappearing, only to find Ruth's body, the one that was missing. 

Diane watches the spirit approach the car, which turns into Hastings being murdered. 

Bobby, Shelly, and Becky are in the diner talking. Becky says she wants a divorce but she also loves Steven. A guy comes to visit Shelly, she goes to makeout with him and Bobby looks very upset. Someone shoots at the diner, it turns out to be a family and the wife picked up the gun without realizing what it was.

Bobby tries to control the traffic, but ends up checking in on a car where a child is vomiting something crazy.

Truman and Hawk are trying to piece things together, with the Log Lady calling in to mention there is fire where they are going. 

The group in South Dakota discuss what is happening.

Dougie's boss wants him to meet with some people, but he walks away where he sees The Black Lodge. Dougie's boss gets him in the car and headed to he owners of the casino that want to kill him. Because there is a cherry pie, they can't kill him because one of the guys had a dream. 

They take Cooper back to the casino, where he sees the woman that he helped win enough money to get back on her feet. He tastes pie again. 

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Gordon: Think there's one in there, Albert?
Albert: We'll soon find out.

I don't have a fucking car.