What Is Your Name - Twin Peaks
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Evil Cooper is in the Black Lodge as the pearl and then the real Cooper appears. He asks where he is and then appears back at Dougie's house. Then we see Cooper walking with Laura in the woods, only for for her to disappear and we only hear the scream. 

Mike asks if it is future or past and then disappears from the Black Lodge into another area. They go to see the arm and he mentions a story of a girl who lived down the lane. Then we switch back to when he saw Laura Palmer all those years later at the Black Lodge. going back to when he first appeared there in the pilot of the revival.

He is told to find Laura by Leeland and then exists the Black Lodge to see Diane waiting for him. 

Diane and Cooper are driving through the desert and then they drive by the electric tour and appear in the night, driving down a dark road. 

They arrive at a motel and have super awkward sex and Diane cries. Then Cooper wakes up alone the next morning. There is a note from Linda to Richard saying it is over. 

Cooper passes a diner called Judy's and drives in. He stops two guys from hurting a waitress and they try to shoot him but he overpowers them. He wants the address of the other waitress' and where she lives since it is her day off. 

Cooper arrives at her house, and this looks like Laura but she is actually Carrie Page. He tells her about her parents and this could be Laura. She says she will go with him because she needs to disappear anyway.

While he waits for her to get ready he sees a dead body on her couch.

They are on their way to Twin Peaks. He brings them to her house and she doesn't remember any of it at first. They go in and it turns out that Sarah Palmer doesn't live there, someone else owns it.

Cooper asks what year it is and then Laura/Carrie screams. 

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Is it future or is it past?


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