Familiar Faces - Twin Peaks
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Cooper/BOB talks to his partners about not being worried.

While Hawk is in the woods Margaret calls him, asking him to let her know what happens since she can't go with him. He ends up where The Black Lodge was.

Inside it is Cooper and the one armed man says someone is here. Laura appears in the red room to let Cooper know he can go out. They have a conversation where Cooper asks if she is Laura if she is meant to be dead. The two share a kiss and she whispers something to him, only to get yanked harshly up. 

Cooper follows MIKE into another room where he sees the evolution of the arm. Cooper is asked to remember his doppelganger because he must return in before Cooper can go out. 

Copper's doppelganger returns to his hotel and is talking to his girlfriend whose name is Diane. He figures out that she was lying about being on the phone with someone, instead plotting to kill him for someone that she doesn't know. He kills Diane. 

Copper's doppelganger then downloads some information about a federal prison in South Dakota. 

The real Cooper walks around The Black Lodge, ending up in a room where Leeland tells him to find Laura. Something starts to happen in every room, something is wrong. Cooper finds a curtain that opens up the road where his doppelganger is driving by but the arm's doppelganger doesn't let him go. 

Cooper ends up in the glass box in New York, no one is watching it. Or it seems that way until the scene goes back to Tracy convincing the guy to let her inside. Cooper disappears from the box before they come inside though. 

Mrs. Palmer is alone watching a show where a bear eats its prey. 

Shelly is at The Bang Bang Bar drinking with friends when James walks in. Shelly talks about her daughter Becky being with a weird guy named Steven. 

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't need anything, I want. And I want that information.


Is it future or is it past? Someone is here.