A Body - Twin Peaks
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Jerry calls Ben and says his car was stolen, then mentions that he is high and hangs up.

Hawk reveals the pages he found, the Sheriff and him discuss that these are the missing pages from Laura's diary. Pretty soon after that Hawk pieces together that the guy who came out of the Black Lodge might not be Good Cooper. 

The Sheriff calls Harry up to let him know what is going on but he is still not doing well so he decides not to. 

Andy is talking to someone who asks to meet later instead because he can't talk now. 

The Sheriff sets up a Skype date with Will Hayward to talk about what they found. Will Hayward reveals that Cooper was acting strange after they found him, they took him to the hospital but he left. He thought it was about Audrey being in a coma but it might not have been. 

Someone working for Colonel Davis checks on the body that was found, and mentions how it could be Major Briggs because of the prints but the head is missing and the age is wrong. 

Gordon and Albert go visit Diane again. They get her to agree to see him and she says there is something missing from his heart so it can't be him. Gordon trusts her insincts right away. 

Evil Cooper tells the guard that he wants to speak to the warden alone and threatens him to get to escape the prison.

The police visit Dougie about the car and then Cooper gets attacked by the man outside, but he harms him enough for him to run off.

Ben gets the key in the mail and connects it back to Cooper. 

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jerry: I think I'm high.
Ben: Oh good lord, Jerry.
Jerry: I don't know where I am.

Gordon: But you'll go with me?
Albert: Say please.