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When Charlie leaves the house to avoid a date he can't stand, he ends up at the coffee shop where he runs into his old girlfriend, Lisa (Denise Richards), who is now a divorcee with a child.  Jake tries to justify to his father why he isn't doing well in school.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lisa [to her baby]: Oh, what a hungry little girl!
Charlie: Of course she's hungry. She must have dropped half her body weight in that last diaper!

Charlie: So, what are you doing for dinner tonight?
Lisa: You're shameless.
Charlie: Thank you.
Lisa: It's not a compliment.
Charlie: Whatever. So, how about dinner tonight?
Lisa: Charlie, a lot has changed.
Charlie: So what? I'm older and wiser, and you're hot and on the rebound!