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When Jake sees the next door neighbor's daughter, Celeste, across the way, Charlie takes him to over to meet the new neighbor, Jerome, who turns out to be a former NFL player.  The girl seems to like Jake and they disappear to go for a walk.  Jermoe, meanwhile, comes over ready to kill Charlie when the two have not returned yet.  Charlie manages to talk Jerome out of killing him by convincing him that he's going to raise his daughter to resent him.  After spending the day living in fear of him, the two end up bonding.

Alan, meanwhile, was supposed to go check on Evelyn's apartment while she's been out of town.  With her returning the next day, he takes a trip out to visit her place.  Charlie asks him to take his car by the Mercedes dealership on the way.  Alan agrees and while there he ends up meeting a girl who's very interest in him.. or his car we should say.  He takes the girl back to Evelyn's which he claims is one of his homes.  When she sees a dress on the bed she thinks he's married, but he tells her it's because he's a cross dresser (more like she puts those words in his mouth).  While he puts it on for her, she runs off with Charlie's car and he walks out of the room and into Evelyn.

Two and a Half Men
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