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The episode opens with Alan trying to write the next Hollywood blockbuster at a coffeeshop when he runs into Mia, Charlie's ex who he nearly married.  Alan tells Mia that Charlie is now engaged to Chelsea and she has moved in.  Chelsea can't help but call the next night and Chelsea answers the phone.  Charlie, of course thinks it's harmless, and Chelsea is clearly angry that he never even told her about Mia.

Judith and Herb come to pick up Jake when Judith's water breaks inside the house.  When Herb slips on her amniotic fluid, the guys have to come along to help with Judith and an injured Herb.  When they arrive, it turns out Alan's ex / former receptionist, Melissa, whose mother he slept with, is working at the hospital.  Alan initially helps coach Judith through birthing, but when Melissa comes to visit their room, he disappears with her into a closet to get it on.

Charlie then steps it up and begins coaching Judith with a beer in hand.  Afterwards, Charlie is talking to Chelsea and showing pictures from the event.  He even tells her he's thinking about kids one day.  Wow.  Chelsea leaves and then Charlie runs into Mia.  To Be Continued...

The episode title refers to Charlie watching baseball and talking about how baseball was better with steroids while trying to avoid talking to Chelsea about Mia.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Charlie: Alan, smack your kid for me
Alan: Should we really risk more brain damage?
Jake: Thanks for sticking up for me

Herb: Slipping in Judith's amniotic fluids. This will be funny one day
Charlie: It's pretty funny right now, Herb