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Alan appears to be getting lonelier and crazier by the episode!  This week, Alan picked up a creepy ventriloquist doll.  Chelsea feels so bad for Alan she forces Charlie to bring him along on their movie date.  While Charlie escapes from the movie to drink in the lobby, Chelsea and Alan end up bonding over the chick flick.  The next morning when Charlie attempts to get a little morning sex from Cheslea, he's cock blocked by Alan who arranged a date to the farmer's market with Chelsea.

Throughout the episode we see Alan and Chelsea becoming best friends and Charlie is getting jealous until Berta analyzes the situation for him.  Alan is doing all the things Charlie hates and Charlie just get to have all the fun.  Or as Berta put it, he digs the trench, Charlie lays the pipe.  However, when Alan starts to feel used, he attempts to sabotage Charlie's love life with Chelsea.  An angry Charlie threatens his ventriloquist doll, and in the end Alan just retreats to his doll.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Berta [about Alan and Chelsea becoming friends]: This is the perfect set up for you
Charlie: How do you figure?
Berta: Do you like to go shopping?
Charlie: No
Berta: Zippy does. Do you like to watch chick flicks?
Charlie: No
Berta: Zippy does. Do you like to talk for hours about your feelings?
Charlie: No.
Berta: Zippy do
Charlie: Oh right...
Berta: He digs the trench, you lay the pipe

Charlie: Thanks for being such a good friend to Chelsea
Alan: You don't have to thank me. I like her and we have a lot in common
Charlie: Yeah, whatever. Just keep it up and I'll try and do the same