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Charlie was watchign a basketball game with his latest girlfriend, Chelsea, when she told him she was going to attend a funeral for her mother-in-law.  At first Charlie tries not to act jealous, but eventually does when he finds out she'll be staying with her ex-husband.  He warns her that he'll try to put the moves on her and she doesn't believe him.

Meanwhile, while Chelsea is away, Charlie's drunk ex, Wanda, shows up drunk and ready to go.  Charlie initially takes her up to his room and is about to sleep with her but ends up having second thoughts.  When Chelsea calls to say her ex-husband tried to put a move on her and she's coming back home, Charlie has to quickly get rid of a now passed out Wanda, who won't wake up. 

When Chelsea arrives before Charlie and Alan can carry out Wanda, Charlie tries to distract Chelsea while Alan and Jake carry out Wanda.  Though they successfully get her down to Jake's room, she eventually wakes up when the boys are outside getting the car.  Wanda walks into Charlie's room to get her shoes and he's exposed.  Alan and Charlie, meanwhile, take off!

Two and a Half Men
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