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Bassam set a meeting with Ihab Rashid, but then didn't show up in order to demonstrate power. Instead, Barry went to John Tucker and asked the American to set up a meeting with Ihab's exiled father.

Bassam goes to meet the exiled Sheik, but the meeting doesn't go according to plan. Since Barry took these meetings in secret, Jamal gives his uncle permission to prepare to clear the plaza.

The Sheik returns to Abuddin from exile and arrives at the plaza and demands to meet with Jamal. 

Jamal is furious at first, but decides to follow his brother's advice and orders his uncle to pull the troops away from the plaza.

Nusrat continues to brush off her husband and goes to her parents. She wants a divorce. She tells her father about Jamal and he goes to see the President. Jamal shoots him and reminds him that the Al-Fayeed's gave them everything they have and Nusrat would return to the palace. She complies and returns to her husband.

Molly sees the maid steal pain medication from the bathroom and finds out her brother was injured. Molly goes to examine him and calls an ambulance despite the man's criminal record. When the paramedics refuse to help him, she says she's Molly Al-Fayeed and they immediately comply.

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