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After deciding to stay, Bassam insists that his family go back to the US while he remains behind to help his brother. He joins the council and Jamal makes Bassam the Special Consul to the President.

A high profile rebel leader was tied to the assassination attempt on Jamal and set to be killed. Bassam finds out that the witness and the evidence were fabricated in order to rid the regime of the rebel leader.

Bassam finds out the truth about Jamal's relationship with the woman in the car and that her husband helped her plan the assassination attempt. He confronts Jamal about the truth and comes up with a plan to handle the situation.

Jamal lets the wrongly imprisoned rebels go free, the woman's sons were provided for and their father was killed for the assassination attmept.

Bassam knows he needs to stay to help his brother to right by the country, but he needs his wife by his side and asks her to stay.

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