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Jamal asks Bassam to make sure the Sheik doesn't wake up to protect the secret of the attack. Bassam is upset and says he's going to return home.

Bassam's mother tells him the truth about the bombing of the barracks and the gas attack. His father didn't do either of those horrific things, it was Tariq. She believes the General attack the Sheik this time too to stop the elections. 

Jamal goes to see his hooker and asks her to run away to the Maldives with him.

Now that Bassam knows the truth about what happened 20 years ago, he has hope. He goes to see the unconscious Sheik and tells him the truth before he injects something to kill him. Bassam believes the Sheik's death is necessary for the country and the people. 

Bassam calls Jamal and tells him that the Sheik will die. They are brothers. Jamal kills the hooker.

Bassam calls Tucker for the names of people who don't believe Jamal should be President. He doesn't believe his brother is the right man for the job either.

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