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Rashid labels pictures of the Red Hand Brigade dead, in an attempt to find out Khalil's identity. Omar warns him against getting distracted with vegence.

Mahmoud relates the disapointing news that the Caliphate's forces are growing while Abuddin is losing support. Burkina Faso has offered political asylum for Jamal and his family. Molly arrives and tells Jamal that Barry is Khalil. He accuses her of plotting with Rami and threatens her. Leila enters and stops him from hurting Molly. 

The Caliphate troops have trouble communicating over the storm. As they go to check on other units, the Red Hand attacks. Sammy, Daliyah, and Halima get through to Barry and let him know that the military support isn't coming, but it's too late. The Caliphate reinforcements have arrived. 

Leila questions Molly about Barry's survival. Molly suggests that Barry could back Ahmed if Leila supports him, but Leila tells her that Ahmed has cut ties with his mother, and that she was unable to assassinate Jamal. Molly suggests they figure out how to free Rami. Leila can convince Mahmoud to release him and Molly can use Sammy's inheritance to pay the soldiers.

In Ma'an, Barry's band of fighters holds off the Caliphate army, but they're drastically overpowered. Rashid orders the soldiers to hold position so that he can personally kill Khalil. Jane suggests that he call Omar, but he refuses.

Leila confronts Mahmoud about Amira's death. She urges him to release Rami so that they are not all killed by the Caliphate.

Molly approaches Solomon with an offer for $10 million dollars. As they argue the terms, Rami arrives. 

Zaher laments Rashid's radicalization and blames Jamal. Halima calls Barry with news that operation is back on. Sammy gets on the radio and tells his father that he doesn't want to lose him again. He tells Barry he loves him, but Barry has already walked away.

Rashid calls out that he will trade Barry's life for the rest of the Red Hand brigade. Barry considers going down in order to buy time for the army to arrive. The men object to him going, saying they need a leader. Before Barry can leave, Marwan runs out claiming to be Khalil. Rashid orders him searched and retrieves a switchblade from his boot. He puts the knife to Marwan's throat, but he claims that Samira said things before she died. He tells Rashid that she thought Rashid was infected and hurting the people. Rashid insists that Marwan is not Khalil, to which he replies "we are all Khalil." Abu Omar arrives as Rashid loses it. He shoots Marwan in the head. The Caliphate resumes fire and the battle recommences.

Abu Omar has imprisoned Rashid. He apologizes, but Omar does not accept. Rashid reminds Omar that he needs him, but Omar leaves. 

The Red Hand falls back to a more secure location after Zaher is shot. They continue to take heavy fire and Barry can't help him without being shot. Rami's air force arrives and rains fire down on the Caliphate before landing and launching a ground assault. Abu Omar arrives to release Rashid, but after a few bombs drop nearby, he leaves. Rashid's cell is blown up. 

Leila meets with Ahmed, who is still angry. She tells him that she's left Jamal, though he doesn't know it yet, and she's committed treason in an attempt to save Abuddin and put Ahmed on the throne. 

Rami fills Barry in on the battle plan, before Barry heads out to help out with the injured. 

Barry calls Molly, who is overjoyed that he survived. 

Sammy updates Daliyah and Halima. 

The military leadership briefs Jamal on a possible siege on Asima, not realizing that that is no longer a concern. Ahmed and Leila interrupt, and try to reason with Jamal about Barry and the whole situation. She confronts him about his paranoia, and how that led to Amira's death. She admits to freeing Rami. Ahmed updates him on how Rami and the army are fighting against the Caliphate.  

Leila tells Ahmed that the only way to secure his place in Abuddin's future is to sacrifice Jamal, but refuses to give details on what she is going to plan.

Sammy assists Barry in the field hospital, and asks about various fighters. Rashid is brought in. He begs to be allowed to die, but Barry treats him anyway. When Sammy objects, Barry insists that they work to save him. 


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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Ihab Rashid: So I know, I know, you are lying. You are not Khalil.
Munwar: We are all Kahlil.

Maybe I should be grateful. That there are still things I cannot bring myself to do. But my punishment is that I'll never be free.