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Col Mahmoud reviews security footage of the bombing.

Leila and Jamal discuss Barry.

Barry wanders the desert.

Ahmed tokes up before work. At the oil fields, he meets with the Chinese. He has no clue what he's doing. 

Rashid wants to plan an assassination at the oil refinery ceremony. Malik volunteers.

Jamal confronts Ahmed about his behavior. 

Molly lays in bed with the kids, while Barry wanders freezing through the desert night.

Rashid and Samira visit Malik to talk about the risks of an assassination.

Barry tries to catch a lizard in the desert, and stumbles upon a camel path.

Molly contacts the state department about Barry's body. There are reporters outside the house. Molly tries to get back to her normal life. 

Mahmoud tries to identify the bomber from the security footage. 

Rashid and another rebel go over the blueprints for the ceremony.

Tariq wants to cancel the groundbreaking, but Jamal refuses. A lackey informs Col Mahmoud that another security camera caught footage of the bombing.

Barry reminisces on being in the desert with his father as a child.

Molly and the kids are at dinner when Sammy gets a call from Abdul. 

Barry gets caught in a thunderstorm, but there's no rain.

Rashid reviews Malik's cover with him. 

Col Mahmoud has identified Malik, and interviews his coworker. She cooperates after he threatens her.

Barry continues to follow camel tracks, and gets caught in a sandstorm. The tracks are blown away. He begins to pray. 

Malik arrives at the refinery. As Jamal gives a speech, Malik retrieves the gun from the portalet. As he approaches the stage, the soldiers receive an alert, and he is shot as he pulls his gun.  Ahmed rushes Malik and shoots him again.

Barry has been found by two Beduoins who think he is an escaped prisoner. They take unconscious Barry with them in hopes of a reward. 

Molly goes to confession, and then attends the service. All of her money is Abbudinian, and a stranger loans her money for the donation. She talks to him and his daughter after the service. He offers is assistance to her.

Jamal visits the Chinese ambassador at the hospital. The ambassador wants to pull out of the partnersihp.

Soldiers unload Sarin and cholorine gas bombs. 



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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm trying to convince the Chinese, I'm trying to convince the world, that we are a peaceful and friendly nation, anxious to do business, eager to welcome visitors. Canceling celebrations, dropping bombs, using gas against our own people would make that difficult, don't you think?


People, they hate you. They don't even know you., and they hate you. Why? Because you are my son. Because you have been given everything they've been denied. They think you're a fat lazy slob. Why would you work so hard to prove them right?

Jamal Al Fayeed [to Ahmed]