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Molly wakes up in bed with Jimmy, but nothing happened. She gets a call from Sammy, who tells her that he's not coming back. He's heading to Ma'an to meet with "Khalil" and give him the inheritance. 

Marwan and Sammy sneak into Ma'an through smuggler tunnels. 

Barry treats a boy as the air force bombs Ma'an.

Jamal prays to god for guidance. Leila interrupts him and disparages him for his guilt.

Rami updates Jamal on the air force attack. Jamal tells him he's the only good thing in his life of late, and asks that Rami calls him father. After Jamil leaves, Solomon advises to stop wasting bombs on bad targets.

Barry calls in to the palace as Khalil, and talks to Rami. He provides the location of Abu Omar and Rashid to prove himself. Rami asks that Barry tell them where the Red Hand will strike so they can verify his identity. 

Nusrat is battling feelings of guilt as she recovers. Leila reluctantly brings up Nusrat's infertility. She tells Nusrat to end the marriage so that Ahmed can remarry and father a legitimate child. 

Rashid attacks Kasim to get information about "Khalil." Abu Omar suggests Rashid take three days to grieve, and tries to placate him by talking about the Chrisitians they are planning on rounding up for execution.

Daliyah has gotten in contact with Ghani, but Barry can't reach Fauzi. He is wracked with guilt over Samira's death. Halima tells barry that they're going to meet a "rich American kid" who wants to give money.

Barry calls Munir and tells him Daliyah is safe. He asks for a new target. 

Munir tells Barry about Abu Omar's plan to arrest five families. Barry plans to evacuate the families and lay traps for the Caliphate. Munir doesn't think he can help the resistance anymore, and he breaks down. 

Marwan and Sammy encounter refugees fleeing Ma'an in the tunnels. Halima meets them and pats them down at gunpoint. He insists on meeting Abu Khalil and tells them who he is as proof that he can pay.

Jamal visits a mosque looking for spiritual guidance and absolution. The imam suggests he deal with the threat inside the palace first.

Kasim tells Munir that he got them both onto the arrest teams, and Munir tries to get out of it since he knows that it's a trap. Kasim insists they go. 

Saddiq and Barry watch from a rooftop, waiting for the Caliphate to arrive. Barry sees Munir and Kasim, but they can't kill the detenator for one house without killing them all. Saddiq thinks they should call it off, but Barry insists they go forward so they can prove themselves to Rami. Munir fakes illness, calling Kasim to his side. They are at a distance when the bombs go off. Munir is fine, but Kasim is injured. 

Jamal watches the news with Rami about Kahlil's strike against the Caliphate. Jamal is upset that Rami didn't inform him about Khalil. He tells Rami that no more decisions are to be made without him, and he is the only to talk to Khalil. Jamal expresses doubt in Rami to Colonel 

Solomon suggests Rami have an escape plan ready. 

Daliyah tells Barry that the young man Halima met is Sammy, and he's at the camp. She encourages him to meet with Sammy and stop hiding. Barry approaches Sammy, who is shocked into silence. Barry explains what happened to him. Sammy finally reacts, attacking Barry until they collapse into each other's arms. 

Molly and Jimmy wait in the hotel room. She is upset about Sammy's actions. They go over the plan to transfer the money to Khalil when Sammy calls.

Barry attempts to explain his decision to Sammy, but Sammy won't let Barry off the hook that easily. He expresses how Barry made him feel inadequate as a child. He tells Barry that he's not his father, his father is dead. They are interrupted by Saddiq, who has Jamal on the phone for "Khalil." He disguises his voice on the phone, but Jamal wants to know who he really is. 


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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Everything was normal last week. But it feels like ten years ago. Everyone's gone insane. My brother...he's not my brother anymore. It's like a nightmare. and I keep thinking I'm going to wake up.


God has better things to do than punish you.